Member Monthly Bonus E-Books

Each month that you are a member you can add to your library of homeschooling resources, unit studies, and encouragement with Schoolhouse Thematic Units, Curiosity Files, WannaBes, and WeE-books.

Look at all you will receive! (Members: Click the cover images to be taken to your available download pages)

Important changes are coming to the Member Monthly Bonus E-Book Program.

Please read these updates here.

After 31 days:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Chef
  • The Curiosity Files-Blue Diamond
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Adventures in Reading
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Adventurous Explorers!
  • WeE-book™-10 BIG Reasons NOT to Send Christian Kids to Public Schools Today
  • WeE-book™-A Baby Shower for Jesus
  • WeE-book™-A Classical Education
  • WeE-book™-A Light Unto My Path
  • WeE-book™-A New Beginning
  • WeE-book™-Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection
  • WeE-book™-Alpacas and Homeschool: A Natural Connection
  • WeE-book™-Are Parents Really Necessary?

After 61 days:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Doctor
  • The Curiosity Files-Blue-Footed Booby
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-All About Inventions
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Amusing Mathematics
  • WeE-book™-Beating the Summertime Blues
  • WeE-book™-Beowulf: Fiction or History?
  • WeE-book™-Biography Geography
  • WeE-book™-Blaise Pascal−Mathematician Extradinaire
  • WeE-book™-Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking
  • WeE-book™-Career Exploration for High School Students
  • WeE-book™-Career Training, Mentorship, and Parenthood
  • WeE-book™-Changing History Theories and How to Teach Them

After 92 days:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Farmer
  • The Curiosity Files-Cave Fish
  • The Curiosity Files-Cicada-Killing Wasp
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Beloved Bible Stories
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Celebrate the Holidays
  • WeE-book™-Charlotte Mason and Susan Schaefer Macaulay: Mentors of the Modern Homeschool Movement
  • WeE-book™-Charlotte Mason: Our Heroine of Lifelong Learning and Special Needs
  • WeE-book™-Civil War History and Controversy: An Interview with Chandra Manning
  • WeE-book™-Communication Skills and Your Gifted Child
  • WeE-book™-Concrete Arithmetic
  • WeE-book™-Creation vs. Evolution: Interpreting the Evidence
  • WeE-book™-Diet Pop and Mentos: What’s Really Going On?
  • WeE-book™-Don’t Rush God
  • WeE-book™-Easy Fund-Raisers for Homeschool Organizations

 At 112 days these will be added to your library:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Firefighter
  • The Curiosity Files-Dung Beetle
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Checks and Balances
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Cruisin’ the Country
  • WeE-book™-Eyewitness History: Hunger and the Great Depression
  • WeE-book™-Fall Harvest: Where’s the Fruit?
  • WeE-book™-Fast Track to Memorization
  • WeE-book™-Following The Iditarod
  • WeE-book™-For the Love of Bugs
  • WeE-book™-From Chaos to a Symphony of Routines
  • WeE-book™-From the Tree to the Table: A Maple Syrup Story
  • WeE-book™-Frugal Family Fun: Travel Tips and Field Trip

After 153 days:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Missionary
  • The Curiosity Files-MRSA
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-God Created All
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-God’s World of Extremes
  • WeE-book™-Getting to the Root of Writer’s Block
  • WeE-book™-Growing Authors and Illustrators
  • WeE-book™-He Leadeth Me
  • WeE-book™-Helping the Reluctant Writer
  • WeE-book™-Home Improvement
  • WeE-book™-Homeschool Deception
  • WeE-book™-Homeschooling and Adoption-A Winning Combination
  • WeE-book™-Homeschooling With Young Children

 After 183 days:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Pilot
  • The Curiosity Files-Platypus
  • The Curiosity Files-Puffer Fish
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Insects Galore!
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Let Freedom Ring
  • WeE-book™-Homeschooling: A Natural Fit for the Kinestic Child
  • WeE-book™-Homeschooling: A Prayerful Journey
  • WeE-book™-Homeschooling: Growing and Thriving in the 21st Century
  • WeE-book™-How Do I Teach My Platypus if He Won’t Sit Still?
  • WeE-book™-How to Beat Curriculum Boredom
  • WeE-book™-I Was Raised by Wolves
  • WeE-book™-Inexpensive Organization
  • WeE-book™-Integrating Concrete Math Into Everyday Life
  • WeE-book™-Intelligent Design: Why the Fuss, and What’s it About?

These titles will be available to you after 214 days:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Police Officer
  • The Curiosity Files-Quicksand
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Let’s Be Scientists!
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Music Mania
  • WeE-book™-Is Your Homeschool Ready to Collapse?
  • WeE-book™-It’s the Starting That’s Stopping Us
  • WeE-book™-John Taylor Gatto: Hammering at the Walls of Public Education
  • WeE-book™-Just How Important Are Communication Skills Anyway?
  • WeE-book™-Let There Be Light
  • WeE-book™-Light, Color, Optics
  • WeE-book™-Like a Refiner’s Fire
  • WeE-book™-Lincoln vs. Darwin: What’s the Difference?

 After 244 days:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Veterinarian
  • The Curiosity Files-Red Tide
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Out of This World!
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Play It Safe!
  • WeE-book™-Living in a Castle or Life as a Single?
  • WeE-book™-Mary Slessor: The White Ma of Calabar
  • WeE-book™-Mastering the Grading Process: What Every Parent Should Know
  • WeE-book™-Math in the Right Direction
  • WeE-book™-Military Geography
  • WeE-book™-Missing in Action or Mentoring in Action?
  • WeE-book™-Missionary Geography
  • WeE-book™-Nifty Thrifty Summer Fun

After 275 days:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to Be an Artist
  • The Curiosity Files-Slime Eels
  • The Curiosity Files-Snow Rollers & Other Snow Phenomena
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Presidents of the Past
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Remarkable Art
  • WeE-book™-Oceanography: Voyage Into a Marvelous World of Creation
  • WeE-book™-Organize Your Homeschool
  • WeE-book™-Play What You Mean: Creative Ways to Teach Communication Skills
  • WeE-book™-Public School System: Lovers or Haters of God
  • WeE-book™-Science on the Wings of a Butterfly
  • WeE-book™-Should Homeschooled Teens Join Church Youth Groups?
  • WeE-book™-Simplifying Classical Education
  • WeE-book™-Slither, Scamper, Crawl and Climb
  • WeE-book™-So You Think Your Child May Be Gifted

At 305 days enjoy these titles:

  • WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be in the Military
  • The Curiosity Files-Solar Max
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Ring in the New Year!
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Summer Fun!
  • WeE-book™-Strategies for Struggling Learners
  • WeE-book™-Take Cover! We Have an Enemy
  • WeE-book™-Teaching the Fidgety Child
  • WeE-book™-The “Me Time” Myth
  • WeE-book™-The Great Books
  • WeE-book™-The Italian RenaissanceWeE-book™-The Late Great Date Debate: Removing Christ from the Calendar
  • WeE-book™-The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Being a Work-at-Home Mom

After 336 days:

  • The Curiosity Files-Vegetarian Spiders
  • The Curiosity Files-Velvet Ants
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Travel the World!
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Wonders of Flight
  • WeE-book™-The Real Hummers
  • WeE-book™-The Scoop on Poop
  • WeE-book™-The Shocking Truth About Electricity
  • WeE-book™-The Submarine: A Legend Before its Time
  • WeE-book™-The Value of Homeschool Conventions
  • WeE-book™-The Windows Operating System
  • WeE-book™-Three Keys to Teaching Writing
  • WeE-book™-Time Flies While History is Written

Remain a member for 366 days you will add these E-Books to your collection:

  • The Curiosity Files-Whirlpools
  • The Curiosity Files-Zombie Fire Ants
  • The Curiosity Files-Rogue Waves
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Wonders of the World
  • Schoolhouse Thematic Unit-Wondrous Weather!
  • WeE-book™-Transcripts, CLEPs, and Other Ways to Get into College
  • WeE-book™-What is a Hometown Hero?
  • WeE-book™-Why Does My Child Hate to Write?
  • WeE-book™-Will They Ever “Get” It?
  • WeE-book™-Writer’s Workshop: Getting Children Excited
  • WeE-book™-Writing Essays
  • WeE-book™-The Things I Learned When My Kid Went to College