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Adventures of Snitch the Fraccoon AppleCore is a safe and secure deluxe online record keeping system equipped with attendance, scheduler, report cards and more. Keep all your most important homeschool data in one place and access it anytime! Silver Plan is Free Join Now Get a Discount!

Adventures of Snitch the Fraccoon, Book One

Adventures of Snitch the Fraccoon This delightful new children’s book is beautifully illustrated, written completely in rhyme, has a captivating story line, and a lesson about the value of generosity. A must have for every child’s special library. $5 off Join Now Get a Discount!

Amazing Animals by Design

With its relevant message and exciting presentation, this is the perfect book to help introduce children to intelligent design. Ages 3-8. Get $2 off any signed copy from the author, Debra Haagen. $2 off each copy Join Now Get a Discount!

Amazing Productions

Exciting new children’s video series imparting Biblical truths through everyday encounters with ordinary stuff. You will laugh out loud as you learn about the world around you and the God who loves you. 30% Discount on all products! Join Now Get a Discount!

Americana-A Civics Handbook

Americana  A Civics Handbook Great teaching tool for Middle & High School Civics. Early American History. Declaration & Constitution included. 25% off! Join Now Get a Discount!


Artterro Artterro eco art kits inspire you to create unique works of art with natural materials – wool, felt, recycled handmade paper and more. Prepare to be inspired and delighted as you unplug with family and friends. 20% off any order Join Now Get a Discount!


ATELIER The ATELIER visual art program was developed to ensure outstanding results in the home environment. Using DVD-based teaching methods, ATELIER provides the homeschooler with unprecedented ease of use, breadth of scope, and results-oriented validation. 20% off! Join Now Get a Discount!

Auto Upkeep Homeschool Curriculum Kit

AUTOUPKEEP Have your teens been asking for a fun and practical elective? Homeschool your sons and daughters on basic car care, maintenance, repair, and ownership. Free Shipping! Join Now Get a Discount!

Better Than Greens

The BEST Whole Organic Green Food Supplement Increase Energy! Build Immune System! Detox Liver! 180 mg. Allicin/Serving. Tastes Better! Works Better! Costs Less! Save $10 and Free Shipping Join Now Get a Discount!

Building Brilliant Minds Online

Building Brilliant Minds Online, LLC – Online Architecture, Art, Photography and Dance Courses by Mrs. G. 20% off any course for SchoolHouseTeachers Members. 20% off Join Now Get a Discount!


CAPJAXMATH2 Develop automatic speed and 100% confidence with all four math tables. CapJaxMathFax™ strengthens and adds fun to any comprehensive math curriculum. 20% Discount! Join Now Get a Discount!

Christina Schofield

web This workbook contains thirty creative writing exercises for elementary level students. Colorful illustrations and easy directions make for fun, no-prep practice to improve grammar and handwriting skills. Bonus learn-to-draw pages are included. Kids can create their own drawings on blank writing sheets at the back of the book. 20% Discount! Join Now Get a Discount!

The Contemporary Music Course

CONTEMPORARYMUSIC Comprehensive and sequential music course of 180 short and succinct video lessons for the beginners or more advanced students in your family. See an introduction, course content, example lessons and testimonials. 30% Discount! Join Now Get a Discount!

CrossTimber’s Name Meaning Gifts

CrossTimber Encourage your children with meaningful gifts that inspire character and faithfulness. CrossTimber carefully researches any (and every) name from Biblical perspective, beautifully set in your choice of design! Our fellow Homeschoolers get 15% off! 15% Discount! www.Meaning.Name Join Now Get a Discount!


DAVIDSBUSINESSBOOKS How to Sell Your Services and Make Money – Teach your son how to offer his small business services. 50% Homeschool Discount and get the e-book Pricing Your Services free with purchase! Save 50% and Free E-Book! Join Now Get a Discount!

Denim Beret

Set your teens on the path real authors walk to become masters of the pen! The Denim Beret blends teacher-student interaction with independent study to teach both the art and the craft of excellent writing. One unit free! Join Now Get a Discount!


In this systematic progression of step-by-step video demonstrations, Jan Bower teaches how to draw practically anything. Jan’s encouraging teaching style makes drawing fun, and her clear instruction helps drawing make sense. Learn to draw like a pro with Drawing Success! 20% off this DVD course! Join Now Get a Discount!


DYNAMICLITERACY Reading comprehension is the most important skill across all subject areas, and vocabulary is the key to reading comprehension. Try WordBuild today, A Better Way to Teach Vocabulary! Save 25% Join Now Get a Discount!

Easy Daysies Ltd.

Easy Daysies Ltd. A TEACHER MUST HAVE! Show the shape of the day with a visual routine. Use these handy magnets in a pocket chart or on any magnetic surface in your classroom. Great for any age to confidently understand their day. PreK/K pack or Grade 1-8 Pack. 15% off entire purchase Join Now Get a Discount!

Edgemon Art

Colors of Nature Ad Colors of Nature watercolors are made from completely natural ingredients and are 100% cruelty free and safe for everyone- Available in 13 colors. Buy the complete set and get $5.00 off. Edgmon Art for all your art needs. $5 off! Join Now Get a Discount!


ESCHAR PARENTING FOR EDUCATION: Revised Edition Simple educational how-to book. Practical guidelines assist parents with their children’s basic learning foundations. Many topics discuss how to raise academic performance in math or reading. 30% Discount on this or any book! Join Now Get a Discount!

Etiquette Lessons Foundation

Give students an advantage in every social situation with authentic, social skill learning from: Etiquette Lessons, Girls & Boys at the Table, Teens at the Table.New Improved Student Workbooks! 10% discount with coupon code by phone: (727)-534-1225. Join Now Get a Discount!

Family Mint

FamilyMintHSDiscountEnewsJan252013 Give the gift of financial literacy! FamilyMint’s new, step-by-step program will quickly and permanently increase your child’s understanding, confidence, and success in managing money! Workbook plus software included. Save 20% Join Now Get a Discount!

Flowering Baby

FLOWERINGBABY A whole child developmental approach for birth to five. During these years you will work with your child to develop his cognitive, language, gross motor and fine motor, social, emotional and self-help competencies. 10% Discount! Join Now Get a Discount!


Fundanoodle Fundanoodle is an early education product line created by pediatric occupational therapists and education experts. The program is designed to provide dynamic learning opportunities for children ages 3 years through 2nd grade. Save 20%! Join Now Get a Discount!

Healthy Life Press

IDEA: “Faithfulness” Module – using the new Christian novel “VOWS,” by Healthy Life Press. (MSRP, printed book: $12.99; eBook: $9.99). 25% Discount on purchase & Free PDF review copy. Join Now Get a Discount!

Hoffman Academy is your source for the most effective and fun piano lessons available online. These simple, thorough videos are free to watch, and supplementary materials can be purchased, downloaded, and printed from home. Get 20% off entire shopping cart! Join Now Get a Discount!

HomeSchool Office

HomeSchoolOffice HomeSchool Office is software specifically designed to plan, organize, and manage your homeschool strategy from beginning to end. It provides the solid foundation needed to homeschool successfully. Reg. $159/Discount $129 Join Now Get a Discount!


HOPE_Home_School_Consulting The Educate the Home Educator Crash Course is the go to resource for homeschool information. It is perfect for the new homeschool mom and the current homeschool mom who wants to improve upon her homeschooling. Save $6 Join Now Get a Discount!

How to Homeschool Kindergarten

How to Homeschool Kindergarten Discover a Simple and Natural Way to Homeschool Kindergarten. Homeschooling your child doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated or costly. Half Off! Join Now Get a Discount!


IEWREPLACEMENT FREE Portable Walls with $19 Purchase from the Institute for Excellence in Writing! Packed with all the Unit Models, word lists, substitutes for “said,” and more, Portable Walls create a helpful writing station at your student’s own desk. Free Portable Walls with minimum purchase! Join Now Get a Discount!

Jackson Creek Press

Jackson Creek Press’s book Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids. “This should be required reading for every teacher!” —Lori Fanello, Chicago School Superintendent Save 20% Join Now Get a Discount!


JETTGAMES An engaging way to study the Middle Ages: Medieval Alliance blends the fun of a board game with story-format chance cards that set your child as a character in the Middle Ages. Free Shipping! Join Now Get a Discount!

Keepers of the Faith

Does your child struggle with reading? Then you need simple tools that work. You need the KOF Readers and Phonics tools. Receive 20% off the Readers and Succeeding at Reading with your coupon code! 20% off Join Now Get a Discount!


keepsake curriculum Pass on a rich heritage in a world of conflicting ideas. “Mommy,…Why?” A Titus 2 Story for Young Girls illustrates the blessing and privilege of the God ordained calling of wife and mother. Free companion coloring/activity book with purchase of book! Join Now Get a Discount!


Kidswitch allows toddlers to operate light switches. This provides valuable independence for both the toddler and parents by eliminating this repetitive task and thereby teaching them to turn a light off and “green” energy saving habits early on. 10% discount with code and free shipping on 3 pack orders Join Now Get a Discount!

Kids Sewing DVD’s

KIDSSEWING Interested in passing on the valuable skill of sewing to your kids? With over 35 kid-friendly projects your kids will have a delightful first year of sewing learning step-by-step visually! Save 15%! Join Now Get a Discount!


KinderBach Do your little ones want piano lessons like the big kids? Let them join the Piano Pals and have fun learning music at home through online videos, iPad Apps or DVDs. Lots of free samples! 35% off any order on our website (does not include iPad/iPhone apps) until December 31st, 2013 Join Now Get a Discount!

Kindergarten Complete

Kindergarten Complete Kindergarten Complete is an exciting curriculum that makes it easy with one binder for all of your subject areas. It includes detailed lesson plans and all the worksheets within thematic units that appeal to kindergarteners’ interests. 20% off any order on our website Join Now Get a Discount!

Kove’s Kove

Koves Kove Celebrating Jesus in our American culture can be challenging. Christmas Is about Jesus and Easter Is about Jesus are devotions to help your family do just that! 15% Discount Join Now Get a Discount!

Learn In Style

LEARNINSTYLEMARCH Trouble with multiplication? Math Bands make it easy and fun! Order Now! New Lower Prices! Free Shipping Join Now Get a Discount!

Learn Math Fast

When it’s time to start over, try the Learn Math Fast System. It is designed to teach 1st to 9th grade math in a matter of months for less than $25 per grade. 100% Guaranteed. $10.00 off the Learn Math Fast System Join Now Get a Discount!

Little Passenger Seats

Little Passenger Seats Get 5% off our seats, Little Passenger Seats. 5% off seats Join Now Get a Discount!


Bring excellent books to life for your kids! LitWits’ downloadable, printable e-guides are packed with all the prompts, projects and handouts you’ll need to launch a lifetime love of literature. Now 20% off! Join Now Get a Discount!

Live On-Line Math

Math classes – Workshops – Tutoring – via LIVE, real-time, online sessions. Interactive video-based courses too! Full program – answer keys, tests, quizzes, etc. (Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Pre-Algebra!) Save 50% Join Now Get a Discount!


MATH MAZE PLAY, LEARN AND GROW TOGETHER! Remove Resistance to Practice and Build Math-Esteem Math Maze makes learning math fun for the whole family. Game cards are printed in Spanish & English. Covers Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division (Age 7 up) Math Maze Players Game $10! Join Now Get a Discount!

MEGA Multimedia: The Course!

MEGA Multimedia Learn APP, Website, Video, Graphic Design, Cartoon, 3D Creations, And Much More! Order now and receive instant access to our 19 Mini Class Download, taught with interactive style video! Schoolhouse Teacher Members will receive $5 off the entire course! $5 off entire course! Join Now Get a Discount!

MOM-BA Books

MOMBABOOKS Charming, animated letters introduce themselves, their sound/s, and simple phonics rules, followed by amusing stories highlighting the sound being taught. “This is a brilliantly put together book.” -Amazon reviewer, Luke Glassock, English major and father. Save $3.00! Join Now Get a Discount!

Mr. Science Teacher

MRSCIENCETEACHER The goal at Mr. Science Teacher ® is to teach in a language you will understand. We strive to help students acquire problem solving skills and think analytically. 50% Discount! Join Now Get a Discount!

Music 4 Little Learners

Bring the joy of music home. Music 4 Little Learners’ 35 lessons will teach your young child to read notes, play songs and understand scales. This creative resource makes learning fun! $10.00 off Join Now Get a Discount!

Nature Gift Store

Teach your child about life cycles with this hands-on live tadpole kit. These fun and educational projects offer children the unique opportunity to grow a frog from a tadpole. 10% Discount Join Now Get a Discount!

NorthStar Puzzle Company

The NorthStar Puzzle stimulates problem-solving skills and allows players freedom to create different shapes. Both; a learning tool and a constructive game. $5 off on purchase of each display box of 50! Join Now Get a Discount!


webChalkboard and Dry Erase Rollzees are fun, cute, entertaining, portable and best of all . . . no batteries required, just imagination! Visit the website for more information. 15% discount for online orders, offer good thru April 30, 2015.15% Discount! Join Now Get a Discount!

Rummy Roots and More Roots

Vocabulary Card Games, Teaching 42 Greek and Latin Roots, Increase Word Understanding, Improve Dictionary Competency, Fun, challenging, easy to play, Ages 8 – Adult Learn Greek and Latin 15% Off Join Now Get a Discount!

Sarah Books

Sarah’s Wish – Named Best Book 2010 by the Homeschool Crew of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine®, Sarah’s Wish is historical fiction at its best. Limited time: Sarah’s Wish, discounted 30% and free shipping! Join Now Get a Discount!

Science Naturally

Smart Kid Book Set Pic These four award-winning books help kids, ages 8-15, connect math and science to real life situations! “101” books uses an accessible question-and-answer format. With each one-page brainteaser, “One Minute Mysteries” books promote critical thinking skills. $5 off and Free Shipping! Join Now Get a Discount!


ScreenIt Group membership discount plan, $37/year with 2 bonus months vs. the standard price of $47/year. $10 off Join Now Get a Discount!

Scripture Candy

Scripture Candy We take the best tasting candies and wrap them in Scriptures so that they can be passed out to everyone. It’s a great way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Save 5% on all non-Seasonal candy items of $10 or more Join Now Get a Discount!

Scripture Stickies

SCRIPTURESTICKIESAPRIL Scripture Stickies, Stickable Bible Verses, presents an offer exclusively for members: spend $15 or more and receive free pack of Scripture Stickies! Free shipping too! Free Stickies and Free Shipping! Join Now Get a Discount!

Singing Turtle Press

SINGING TURTLE PRESS Algebra stress? The Algebra Survival Guide and Workbook to the rescue! A humorous, conversational approach, step-by-step instructions, and lots of practice problems makes this program ideal for homeschoolers. 30% off either item! Join Now Get a Discount!


Quilts, small-scale quilted items, and accessories for those who wish to add a little something special to their home. Save 10% Join Now Get a Discount!

Soli Deo Gloria Resources

Button Unit studies, Bible studies and teacher resources to assist you with educating your children for God’s glory at 50% off! Enjoy discovering God’s big picture together. 50% Off Join Now Get a Discount!

Sons Of Caasi: Battle for Time

Sevenhorns Publishing Sons Of Caasi: Battle for Time spins thrilling fantasy adventure into a coming of age tale of suspense and romance that takes the reader on a breathtaking other-worldly journey. Download the first 7 chapters FREE. Sevenhorns Publishing Join Now Get a Discount!


SONRISESTABLE The series includes heartwarming stories of an extended homeschooling family. Mixing adventure, life lessons, and realistic horse experiences, the books are a must for readers who enjoy family values, Christian faith, and, of course, horses! 20% off any order! Join Now Get a Discount!

Spanish For You

Fun and flexible Spanish curriculum grades 3-8. Adapts for teaching multi ages-grades. Streamlined lesson planning. Simple. Effective. Affordable. Engages various learning styles through multi-sensory listening, speaking, reading, and writing games/activities. Created by homeschool co-op teacher. Save Join Now Get a Discount!


SPELLING MECHANICS Children understand how words are built and apply this knowledge in the program assessments and in their daily writing. Under the guidance of the parent, children are introduced to patterns and rules through discovery lessons. Save 10%! Join Now Get a Discount!


SPELLING MECHANICS Complete state history courses from a Christian perspective for all 50 states , age 3 – 12th grade. Also one-book US History & US Geography studies based on studying the 50 states in order of statehood. $3.00 off any size order Join Now Get a Discount!


stilwells Stilwell’s Learning Center provides tutoring help for children, teens and adults who are struggling with learning problems or educational deficiencies or those seeking to accelerate their skills in reading and math areas. Save $150 per month Join Now Get a Discount!

Susan Evans: Hands-on Learning

Kids travel through time while writing about their adventures! This creative writing class for children includes 8 video sessions with introductions for each time period and instruction on revising the students’ historical fiction. $20 off! Join Now Get a Discount!

Teach And Equip

Xtreme Science: Elementary Astronomy is a great video supplement for any elementary or middle-grade astronomy curriculum. Ten bite-sized lessons covering the planets, the solar system, and the universe with Stealth Pilot James Hannibal. Save 20% Join Now Get a Discount!

The Terrestria Chronicles

Purchase the Terrestria Chronicles medieval allegory eBooks at a 66% discount! Regular price for the Terrestria eBooks on is $5.99; with coupon codes, $1.99. Join Now Get a Discount!

Training Minds

TRAININGMINDS Speaking and leadership skills are easy to teach with Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate. Chris Jeub’s award-winning program has been successfully training champions since 2001. Free curriculum & Free Shipping! Join Now Get a Discount!

Treasure Traitor by L. J. Popp

In a universe torn by war, sixteen-year-old Renagada longs to live peacefully with her bonded bird. When Rena hears her parents plotting to murder him, they flee into the desert. Danger and adventure await! 10% Off Join Now Get a Discount!

Until The Robin Walks On Snow by Bernice Rocque

From Nov. 8, 2014 – April 8, 2015, offer includes shipping to a single address in the continental U.S. Quantities: 6-11 each $10.33, 12-17 each $9.33, or 18+ each $8.33. Volume Discount Join Now Get a Discount!


vocabularycartoon OVER 90% VOCABULARY RETENTION! Humorous cartoon and rhyming mnemonics make learning and REMEMBERING vocabulary a snap. Perfect for SAT/ACT, and common core alignment. 3rd thru 12th grade. Save 25%! Join Now Get a Discount!


Wikki Stix are versatile, reusable manipulatives for hands-on learning. Get 96 Wikki Stix in Primary and Neon colors, plus 36-page cross-curricular Resource Manual. At 33% off your special price is $12 Join Now Get a Discount!

Willow Bend Publishing

WILLOWBENDPUBLISHINGmarch NEW! ‘Justin Morgan and the Big Horse Race,’ the true story of Justin Morgan, the founding sire of the Morgan breed. Ages 7-8. Save 20% on your entire order! 20% off! Join Now Get a Discount!


Made for kids and used by Nobel prizewinners — Zometool is the sophisticated building toy that integrates art and science at play. Ideal for hands-on STEM related learning. 100% USA made. This is very popular with homeschooling families. 15% discount on our Naked Creator 4 kit Join Now Get a Discount!