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What’s New This Week?—August 18-23

We’re getting you ready for the new school year with new courses in August, September, and throughout the fall! Five exciting new courses pick up steam in August! Our newest course, starting this week, is American History: Colonization Era, with Amy Puetz. Included are lessons, geography, maps, art, and much more!

Take the new Biology course, with Ruth Sundeen (watch a preview video here). Renaissance History, with Rhonda Clark, is under way with four weeks of posted classes. Animal Science and  Creative Writing also debuted this month and are in just their third weeks of classes.

Coming in September: Algebra for Kids, Business Entrepreneurship for Teens and Whole Foods Cooking with Sue GreggBill of Rights/The Constitution is among our October offerings.

Our 100th offering debuts this September. Remember, courses can be started at any time. Miss any material? Catch up on your schedule!

Important changes are coming to the Member Monthly Bonus E-Book Program. Please read about these changes here.

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 • Schoolhouse Spelling is back for its third year at SchoolhouseTeachers.com! All prior spelling lessons are organized for easy access, so you can jump in at any point. New Charlotte Mason-themed spelling activities, a new vocabulary building section, and more are new in Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School!

• Explore the Florence Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore) with our next stop in Everyday Easels: Passport Series.

• Daily Writing with Sharon Watson will have us writing about weather forecasts, favorite characters, job qualifications, and more.

• Everyday Games focuses on unscrambling sentences and writing about monkeys, owls, pirates, rainy days, and cowboys.

• Plus we’ll have new content in Everyday Copywork, Everyday Organization, Daily Puzzlers, in the Schoolhouse Dailies.

Learn from the Experts and Our SchoolhouseTeachers.com Courses

Special note: Christian filmmaker George Escobar’s (Advent Film Group) newest movie, Hero, opens nationwide in September. You can get the movie at Walmart stories on Sept. 16 and support films with a strong Christian message. George is teacher of a 36-week Filmmaking course at SchoolhouseTeachers.com.

Burgess Jenkins (Remember the Titans) stars as Little League coach Joe Finn in Hero. Finn’s past choices leave him with little but broken relationships—particularly with his son. Determined to win back his son and reunite his players with their own all-too-absent fathers, Joe starts a father-son baseball league, but with a strong catch: the dads are required to fully participate.

This movie, made by homeschooling dads and families, is a testament to the growing influence of using films to affect culture and turn our country around. Be a part of it by bringing Hero to your family and friends. Get the DVD on September 16 at Walmart nationwide on opening weekend. Otherwise, it will be pulled off the shelf the following week.

Watch the trailer and behind-the-scenes clips at www.HeroFamilyMovie.com (or at the SchoolhouseTeachers.com website under George Escobar’s Filmmaking class).

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• Adam Andrews’ Literature class has in-depth studies every month. The latest, for August, is a study in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis. Adam helps you unpack the conflicts of Man vs. Self, Man vs. God, Man vs. Society, and more.

• Geology: Take the second section of this multisection course with the popular Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures. Section 2: Exploring America’s Natural Wonders. August brings these new parks: Mount Rainier, Mount Lassen National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, and Carlsbad Caverns. Watch the course preview video.

• Deborah Burton’s Mock Trial course returns after a short summer break. In August, learn about the various aspects of a medical malpractice claim. Learn about the recent VA scandal and the legal ramifications. Three weeks of August lessons are now posted.

Take our Botany course, with Julie Polanco; nine weeks of this course are now posted. Start August by studying about light, changing seasons, plant hormones, and more. Week 11 in this course is posted Monday, August 18.

• Art lessons and art-related electives on our site: Brenda Ellis teaches Art Techniques and Sharon Jeffus leads Studio Art for Teens. Brenda has a new four-week lesson for August that explores still-lifes with vine charcoal; week 3 covers lifting the charcoal to show light areas. Sharon is back with summer lessons: in August she leads a study of Oceans in Art (Aug. 4), and Paths in Art (Aug. 18).

 Our Writing Teacher, Janice Campbell, takes students on an in-depth study of “Paul Revere’s Ride” in her latest lesson set. Janice takes a one-month summer break and will return with new lessons in September. Well more than a year of Writing studies are posted at Janice’s page.

• Chris Yust of HomeschoolProgramming.com teaches Computer Science/Programming. In July Chris explored Digital Logic, including two weeks on Logic.ly projects. Twelve months of lessons are completed and accessible at any time!

•  Asia: Safari and its 38 weeks are now complete. Join the Safari Trek at any time!

• Explore, tinker, take apart, and build! Enjoy inventor and explorer Ed Sobey’s Tinkers Club has eight months of lessons on the site. Build boats, cars, catapults, flying objects, motorize your car, and more. Perfect for elementary through early middle school students. Ed returns with new lessons this fall.

• Learn how to teach Elementary Math from Dr. Peter PriceGo here to view months of archived math worksheets for grades 1–5. (Follow the link to the Teacher Lesson Archive Page at the top of that page to access the worksheets.)

• Home Economics with Heather Leach is on a summer break, but all lessons remain on the site for you to enjoy.

• Read our animated books collection here!

As with all weekly lessons, previous weeks remain posted for catchup and review.

More New Courses in 2014—all available at any time!

• Your entire family can learn Music Theory/Education, by Michelle Martin. New lessons are posted for August. Start the month by learning about the major scale, song endings, and more.

• Statistics (high school level), taught by Kathy LaPan. Final course project ideas and instructions are posted. Five previous months of instruction are part of this course. Learn graphing, slope, standard deviation, uses of statistics in everyday society, and much more.

Public Speaking: Rebekah Bell, a homeschool graduate and recent grad of Biola University, excelled in national public speaking competitions. This five-month course covers all types of public speaking: persuasive, informational, forensics, interpretive, and much more.

• Upper middle school and high school students will enjoy Joey Hajda’s Friendly Chemistry, with video lessons each week. Twelve weeks of lessons are posted and can be reviewed at any time.

Charlotte Mason-Preschool: Brittney Jordan’s course carries an emphasis from famous educator Charlotte Mason.

Get fitness-minded by taking Family Fitness: Bethany Learn, who runs www.fit2b.us and is a personal trainer, teaches a new exercise course at our site. Video demonstration and a spiritual focus are part of this amazing course! Three months of exercise and fitness knowledge, activities, and videos are posted.

As with all weekly lessons, previous weeks remain posted for catchup and review.

Learn from the Experts and Our SchoolhouseTeachers.com Courses

There are more than 60 expert Teacher-led courses running currently, or completed and fully archived for your use and enjoyment, at our site! Please use the Pre-K/Elementary, Middle/High School, and Family tabs on the navigation bar of the site to see updates on all courses weekly!

• Join us for the Classical Archaeology and History course taught by Regan Barr, a veteran of numerous expeditions and dig sites all over the world. You can study inspiring architecture, Olympic history, and great sites from antiquity in this five-month course.

Reading Lessons for young readers or struggling readers are presented in months of current archived material from Matthew Glavach. Dr. Glavach’s current series consists of two Reading Labs; choose the best fit for your student, either  a global or analytic approach.

Charlene Johnson’s Pre-Algebra/Algebra has 10 months of lessons available for you at any time.

• Michele Peterson has an 8-month class on Photographyfor both beginning and more advanced photographers. And don’t forget to view the student photo work at Michele’s Photography class here!

• Jason Lindsey of Hooked On Science has regular Science experiments for your students. PDFs, videos,and easy instructions on how to conduct these experiments in your home. Look for a new fun and learning-filled experiment on Wednesday, August 20.

• Carol Henderson’s Elementary Spanish is a nine-month course available for you to start at any time. Learn from Carol’s easy-paced lessons with both video and weekly worksheets. This course will remain on the site until January 1, 2015.

Nature/Outdoors lessons that can be enjoyed by the entire family together: Erin Dean’s latest lessons cover two tracks, for your choice (or study both): study bears in your area . . . or ants! Also: study squirrels or snakes.

Additionally, for a list of all courses both active and archived that includes suggested grade levels, click here.


Don’t miss all the incredible resources we have in the Schoolhouse Preschool for your littlest learners including:

  • Seven lessons from the Homegrown Preschool team of Kathy Lee and Lesli Richards.
  • Early Learning Sensory Activities with Beth Gorden.
  • Charlotte Mason Preschool with Brittney Jordan.
  • Figures in History with Cathy Diez-Luckie.
  • Pre-K Activities: Read and Play.
  • Pre-K Spelling with video flashcards.
  • Animated books by EZ Tales.
  • Plus coloring activities, stories, games, and more!

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