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Supplemental Back Issues

Read the supplemental back issues of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine everywhere you go! Enjoy it on your desktop, laptop, AND now your mobile devices. Take a look at some of the great topics covered in these issues:

Homeschool 101

The first of our exciting freebies is a digital supplement to the Schoolhouse Expo . . . The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine’s Homeschool 101.

With Homeschool 101 you will get a broad overview of homeschooling. Sit back and enjoy reading up-to-date articles from some of the best authors and homeschool companies that TOS has been bringing you for years. With almost 200 pages full of supplemental homeschooling articles and resources, you won’t want to miss this . . . and you don’t have to–it’s totally free!

Guide to Examining Curriculum

TOS Lab Presents: Your Guide to Examining Curriculum.

In this wonderful, free resource you will find the answers to these common questions: With thousands of choices available, how will I find the perfect resources that will fit my particular family? Is it even possible? Yes, it certainly can be a reality and with the help of the TOS review team, this ebook will provide you with detailed insight that will help you make informed decisions when choosing what curriculum to buy. It’s a definite consumer’s guide to homeschool products.

Are Public Schools an Option?

Do you know a family who is considering sending their child back to public school? Maybe they have a child who is just now school aged and they are at a crossroads deciding who will instruct their child. Are they aware of the history and the current status of public schools? They will become informed, forearmed, and forewarned about placing their child in the public school system when they read Are Public Schools an Option for Christian Kids? You’ll find that this is a perfect free resource to share with those who are still on the fence.

What About Public School?

Do you know someone who is struggling with the decision to homeschool? Maybe public school looks a little tempting. If you know someone who is weighing the pros and cons of homeschool vs. public school, What About Public School? Is a helpful tool to provide facts, answers, and encouragement. Feel free to print this two-page brochure and hand it out to those uncertain potential homeschoolers that you know.

Homeschooling with Confidence

Know someone who could use a little confidence? You know she has what it takes to be a fabulous teacher, but does she?

Our Homeschooling With Confidence brochure is a great free resource to offer the extra boost of confidence these moms need.

The New School Year: Planning Your Course and Letting the Lord Determine Your Steps

How has your homeschooling progressed this year? Is it possible that in all of the rush you have missed the hush of the Holy Spirit? Remember to let Him guide you throughout your days. His guidance, much like grace, is free to those willing to listen. Inside The New School Year: Planning Your Course and Letting the Lord Determine Your Steps you will find guidance and encouragement to assist you with all your planning needs. Share this free E-Book with your friends and pass the excitement on!

Holiday Supplement 2011

Take a peek into the homes of the Suarezes and TOS columnists and staff members as they send their CHRISTmas greetings to you and your family, and find out what they’re doing for the holidays. Borrow some of their ideas to start your own holiday traditions. This gorgeous, full-color digital magazine is packed with greetings, recipes, devotionals, and a special Christmas poem that your kids can recite or memorize to entertain family and friends during your CHRISTmas celebrations.

The 2011 Christmas Greetings is totally free!

Holiday Supplement 2010

This FREE 176-page digital magazine is packed with all new content for 2010 and takes you around the world to explore Christmas in other lands. Inside you’ll discover festive ideas, fun crafts, special recipes, and activity pages for your children.

Plus, as a special bonus, we’ve included articles full of homeschooling advice and encouragement from our 2010 Fall Schoolhouse Expo speakers.

The 2010 Digital Holiday Supplement is totally free!

Holiday Supplement 2009

Re-create an authentic first Thanksgiving feast, prepare for a peaceful Christmas, and enjoy over 180 pages of holiday crafts, recipes, and traditions in The Old Schoolhouse® Digital Holiday Supplement, 2009. This timeless collection of holiday fun and festivities also includes directions for making your own Christmas decorations and gifts.

Download your free copy now. Then spread the word and share this inspirational holiday guide with friends and family.

The 2009 Digital Holiday Supplement is totally free!

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