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On the Homestead

Length: 7 units
Includes: Printable resources
Age/Grade: Family

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How to Use This Course

On the Homestead is a collection of resources about adjusting to country life, growing blueberries, caring for your firearm, processing a deer, keeping bees, building a sustainable evergreen food plan, and taking care of your pets.

Course Introduction

From discovering your dream home in the country is a little less than dreamy to caring for your animals and building a sustainable food plan, On the Homestead looks at daily life and challenges families face and offers tips and solutions to help.

  • An Urban Migration to the Country: Join Patrice Lewis as she moves from city life in Sacramento to a homestead in Oregon and finds life isn’t quite what she imagined it would be.
  • Bountiful Blueberries: From the Garden to the Kitchen: Are you interested in growing blueberries on your homestead? Learn everything you need to know from planting to pruning to preserving!
  • Using & Caring for Your Firearms: Learn how to properly use and care for your firearms!
  • Venison: From the Field to the Freezer: Processing a deer, although time consuming, is not difficult. Meredith Duke walks you through each step of processing a deer once it has been harvested and dressed. Learn the step-by-step method to turn your recently harvested deer into venison for your table.
  • Beekeeping 101: Everything a Beginner Needs to Know: Beekeeping is not a difficult homesteading project. Learn how to start a hive (or two) on your property, maintain and split hives, feed your hives, perform annual maintenance duties, and enjoy a few recipes, too!
  • Building a Sustainable, Ever-Green Food Plan: Growing a garden is not just for those in the country. Learn how to grow your own green food supply, and other great tips!
  • Pet Care at Home: Keep your pets and farm animals happy and healthy with this 41-page eBook!

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