Co-Op Membership

Automatic Quarterly Renewal

Pay once per quarter with our co-op discount!

  • Use with your local co-op
  • 425+ course options
  • New courses added regularly
  • Preschool through high school
  • Applecore Silver Plan
  • Cancel auto-renewed payment any time


Co-Op Discounts

Would you like to use materials to for a class at your local co-op? Here’s how.  Have each participant* sign up for a quarterly membership when the course starts. Members may cancel it when the course ends. That will give each participant full access to all the course materials, homework assignments, and other resources so you don’t have to download and print it for them.

*Remember, a membership allows all members of a family to access the site, so if siblings are involved in co-op classes using, they will only need one membership for the entire family. memberships will automatically renew every 91 days. Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions.

All members enjoy the following features

One membership per family; no limits

Go at your own pace

Various online, video, and print lessons

Special learning centers to help make hard subjects in homeschooling easier.

No hidden fees; no additional textbooks to purchase

Free printable maps, measurements, charts, calendars, planners, and more

High school credit and transcript support

Building reports, credits, transcripts, and schedules

Excellent customer support

Access to members' Facebook® group to share ideas, questions, and information

Not Common Core aligned

Invitation to our affiliate program