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Going Deeper: The Books of the Bible

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Length: 27 videos
Includes: Videos and printable worksheets
Age/Grade: 9th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Matthew. Mark. Luke. John. We are familiar with their names and their stories, but now it’s time to take a closer look at the men and their message and go deeper with the Savior they proclaimed through this special video course. In addition to the Gospels, we’ll dive deeper with Romans, Ephesians, James, and several other books and themes of the Bible.

Course Introduction

This video course includes an in-depth look at the writers of the Gospels, the words they wrote, and the ways their lives were forever changed by their time with Jesus. It also explores Romans, Ephesians, James, and several other books and themes of the Bible through eighteen videos and corresponding worksheets. This video series is approximately 36 hours long. 

  • A New Identity: The Gospel of Matthew
  • Hope for the Gentiles: The Gospel of Mark
  • Peter, A Fragile Stone
  • That You May Be Certain: The Gospel of Luke
  • Wisdom from Ephesus: The Gospel of John
  • Romans: The Letter That Changed the World
  • More Than a Miracle
  • The Rescue of Jerusalem
  • The Unbreakable Promise
  • Two Holidays of Deliverance: Purim and Easter
  • The Appointed Times: Jesus in the Feasts of Israel
  • The Promise of Messiah
  • Israel: Dry and Thirsty Land
  • The Story of Two Kings: Herod & Jesus
  • King David
  • Paul the Apostle
  • Book of Ephesians
  • Book of James
  • The Book of Galatians
  • The Books of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John
  • Psalm 119
  • The Book of Titus
  • The Book of Ruth
  • The Good Book
  • The Book of Jonah
  • Better (Ecclesiastes)
  • Crossing the Waters (Gospels)

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