Biblical Greek Level 1 - Schoolhouse Teachers

Biblical Greek Level 1

Includes: 28 Lessons with Videos
Age/Grade: Elementary – Middle School

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How to Use This Course

This twenty-eight-part course is designed to teach elementary and early middle school students how to recognize, write, and pronounce the Biblical Greek alphabet. Lessons include numerous written exercises and activities to reinforce memorization, and printable flashcards are provided. Occasional quizzes and tests are also provided.

Course Introduction

Welcome to the world of koiné Greek! We’re going to take some time to learn how to read, write, and say the Greek alphabet. Some of the letters look and sound a lot like the English letters you’ve heard. Some letters are totally new! Be sure to practice what you are learning every day. Drilling with the flashcards is absolutely necessary! You will probably have days when you are tired of going through them, but you have to really understand the letters before you can try reading words.

There is one more important thing to keep in mind. Koiné Greek is also sometimes referred to as Biblical Greek because it was used in writing the New Testament. It is the type of Greek you should learn if you want to better understand the original language of parts of Scripture. It is not the same as modern Greek, which is what you would need to learn if you wanted to speak with someone from Greece today or go on vacation there.

This class is only available until May 30, 2018.

Length: 28 lessons
Includes: Printable lessons with video containing pronunciation
Age/Grade: 2nd – 7th Grade

Lesson 1: Alpha
Lesson 2: Beta
Lesson 3: Gamma
Lesson 4: Delta
Lesson 5: Epsilon
Lesson 6: Zeta
Lesson 7: Eta
Lesson 8: Theta
Lesson 9: Iota
Lesson 10: Kappa
Lesson 11: Lambda
Lesson 12: Mu
Lesson 13: Nu
Lesson 14: Xi
Lesson 15: Omicron
Lesson 16: Pi
Lesson 17: Rho
Lesson 18: Sigma
Lesson 19: Tau
Lesson 20: Upsilon
Lesson 21: Phi
Lesson 22: Chi
Lesson 23: Psi
Lesson 24: Omega
Lesson 25: Kurios
Lesson 26: Emoi
Lesson 27: Boathos
Lesson 28: Greek sentence

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