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Creation Club Science

Length: Ongoing
Includes: Printable lessons, short videos, and activities
Age/Grade: Elementary – Middle School

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How to Use This Course

Help your children see the evidence of God’s hand all around them, from the tiny hummingbird to the planets and stars. Each monthly unit focuses on a topic and explores it through short videos, study questions, activities, and research. Designed for upper elementary through middle school students, this course presents science and nature from a Christian worldview with an emphasis on Creation.

Course Introduction

Does the way a hummingbird’s tongue work really matter? Why is a hummingbird’s ability to focus on multiple places simultaneously important? What if understanding the hummingbird better actually fueled a discussion with your children about the debate between Creation and evolution? Those are the kinds of questions Creation Club Science seeks to answer by providing fun videos, cool facts, and a passion for helping kids recognize God’s design in everything they see.

Printable weekly lessons with short videos and activities.

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