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General Science

Length: 32 weekly lessons
Includes: Weekly lessons including print, video, and online resources
Age/Grade: Middle school

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How to Use This Course

General Science is a thorough introduction to science for middle schoolers. It will look at the history of science, scientific inquiry, geology, classification, and human anatomy through written and video resources.

Course Introduction

The Red Wagon Tutorials General Science e-Notebook consists of two document parts: a Student Materials Notebook and a Parent Test Manual. The Student Materials Notebook contains the materials and video links that the student will use. The Parent Test Manual contains copies of the tests and answer keys that your student should take.

This course was originally designed to be used with the Apologia textbook Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd edition, however it can be used as a standalone introduction to general science at a middle school level. Please let us know if we can help further. One more note: Please do not print the Notebook or Manual. It is designed to be used as digital media. You should save a copy of each to your computer’s hard drive, and we suggest a backup copy to a flash drive also be considered.

Please note: The materials in this class will be available for download from through February 28, 2017. The links to the videos needed to complete the course will remain active through June 1, 2018, at which time the videos will cease to be available. Please be sure to download your materials and complete the class by these dates.

Weekly lessons including print, video, and online resources.

  • Lessons One-Two: A Brief History of Science
  • Lessons Three-Four: Scientific Inquiry
  • Lessons Five-Six: How to Analyze and Interpret Experiments
  • Lessons Seven-Eight: Science, Applied Science, and Technology
  • Lessons Nine-Ten: The History of Life
  • Lessons Eleven-Twelve: Foundations of Geology
  • Lessons Thirteen-Fourteen: The Fossil Record
  • Lessons Fifteen-Sixteen: Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism
  • Lessons Seventeen-Eighteen: What is Life?
  • Lessons Nineteen-Twenty: Classifying Life
  • Lessons Twenty-One-Twenty-Two: The Human Body
  • Lessons Twenty-Three-Twenty-Four: Energy and Life
  • Lessons Twenty-Five-Twenty-Six: The Human Digestive System
  • Lessons Twenty-Seven-Twenty-Eight: The Human Respiratory and Circulatory System
  • Lessons Twenty-Nine-Thirty: The Human Lymphatic, Endocrine, and Urinary Systems
  • Lessons Thirty-One-Thirty-Two: The Human Nervous System

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