April Schroader

Lesson Designer

April Schroader spent 10 years working in the Tech Industry as a Software Tester, Test Automation Developer, and Senior Database Test Engineer. She left work two weeks before giving birth to her first child and made the choice to homeschool and stay home with her children (she now has 4 miraculous children). During that time, she has tinkered with freelance writing, blogging, and tech writing. Now, she is returning to her original passion and training and is working on developing apps and writing technical courses. She is very excited to be writing an SQL Course, since database testing and development was a favorite of her career. April is the founder of HomeschoolingApps.com, a site with useful educational apps, apps of her and her children’s creation, reviews of apps useful to homeschoolers, and contact information for app, database, and other technical consulting services.