Crystal Marcum

Lesson Designer

Crystal Marcum has over twenty years of experience in education, both in public school setting and homeschooling. Crystal enjoys creating resources to share with other families to make learning more meaningful. She also likes to spend time with her husband and three children, garden, make new recipes, and work on numerous craft projects.

Courses taught Crystal

Beginning Listening and Speaking Skills Teaching beginning communication skills with early learners provides a firm foundation that will help them throughout their lives! Basic speaking and listening skills can also boost self-confidence in many daily routine settings and activities. This course helps you build your child’s listening and speaking skills through thirty simple activities.

Little Language Arts covers a wide range of language arts and writing topics for grades 2-4. Weekly lessons will be given to include teaching strategies, printables, literature suggestions, and websites related to the topic. Generally, each unit of four weekly lessons will be centered on a theme and include a project designed to last the duration of the unit to extend learning.

Courses Co-Authored by Crystal:

Exploring God’s World with Fourth Grade Science explores topics often taught in fourth grade including the scientific method, plants and animals, habitats and environments, the earth and solar system, and many other topics. This full-year course includes reading assignments, worksheets, quizzes, and optional labs for hands-on practice.

Fun with Gravity and Climate: These lessons include daily Bible reading from Genesis to help children understand gravity, creation, climate, and weather from a Biblical perspective as well as daily activities to reinforce their understanding. Each week, students complete activities such as writing assignments, printable activities, creating family treats in the kitchen, conducting research, and creating projects based on their research.

Stretching Higher with Third Grade Math builds on the math skills students have previously learned and guides them through new concepts involving multiplication, division, working with money, fractions, decimals, equations, and more. Daily lessons are provided with ample problems for review and practice. Regular quizzes and tests are also included. Answer keys are provided.