Elna Venter

Lesson Designer

Elna Venter was born in Pretoria, South Africa. She studied fine arts at the Art Foundation in Johannesburg as well as at the Open Window in Pretoria. Apart from her participation in group exhibitions, she has had several solo exhibitions. Some of her works are included in corporate collections.

Her passion for children’s art surfaced during the many years in which she taught art for children at her home. She was responsible for art in a nursery school for a few years. She currently teaches painting at the Centre for Creativity at the North West University in South Africa.

She has published the unique South African Art Series for Children that originated from a need identified among homeschoolers for a curriculum on her own country’s artists. Each unit is about a specific artist and includes art history, art appreciation, and practical art.

Courses Taught by Elna:

Art Appreciation: South African Art: This art appreciation course focuses on eighteen South African artists from the 19th-21stcenturies. It begins by asking, “How do we look at art?” then goes on to explore the language and elements of art such as line, shape, mass, light, shade, space, texture, and color, as well as aspects of composition such as rhythm, focal points, and balance. These lessons can be completed in any order. Students may wish to study the entire eighteen lessons or pick and choose artists and styles that interest them most. Individual lesson downloads as well as a course download are available. The course is designed for ages 6-12 but may also be enjoyed by older students who are looking for an introduction to art appreciation.