Gloria Brooks

Lesson Designer

Gloria Brooks, aka NatureGlo, is founder and director of NatureGlo’s eScience, an online math enrichment and science eLearning center. The eLearning center helps homeschoolers and schoolers fill in the gaps and go into greater depth than textbooks typically have time for in math enrichment and the natural sciences, especially biology. The vision of NatureGlo’s eScience is to inspire learners to study nature in greater depth and build upon a foundation for a life-long love for the natural world with preparations for nature-based or biology-type professions. The studies can help prepare learners for degrees in marine biology, ecology, the national park service, and other nature-centered professions.

A 20-year, degreed, veteran teacher, Gloria holds a BA in K-12 education and certificates for completing the Kamana I and II programs from the Wilderness Awareness School. She teaches from a neutral worldview. Her non-faith-based classes welcome families from all faiths and worldviews. She has been teaching K-12 education since 1997, outdoor education since 2003, and live online classes to homeschoolers since 2011. Gloria is a progressive, alternative educator using multi-media and invites her learners to complete project-based, hands-on, and experiential learning activities for her current online classes. She also loves to travel the west coast as a full-time RVer with her dog Rochelle, hiking, and photographing the natural world.

Courses Taught by Gloria:

Marine Biology introduces students to the diverse and incredible world of marine life through videos, slideshows, research projects, online resources, and downloadable materials. From the very small to the very large, students meet creatures that boggle the mind and defy imagination.