Greg Shone

Lesson Designer

Greg Shone holds a BA History, a BA French, and is a certified teacher. He started his teaching career as a French teacher in both public and Christian schools and later combined his love for History and French by teaching French and Social Studies in a French immersion school. His relationship with the homeschool community began in 1994 as a private French tutor and culminated in August 2012 with the launch of French Essentials, a downloadable French program for the homeschool. He and his wife, also a teacher and coauthor of French Essentials, have two children and have live in beautiful, historic Quebec City. For additional info regarding learning French with French Essentials, please visit us at

Course taught by Greg

French: Beginning with Book 1, your student will learn the pronunciation of the letters and will quickly advance to simple French phrases. The course is taught with weekly downloadable PDF worksheets and audio to teach correct pronunciation. The French course is targeted to middle school and high school students, but elementary students can learn French also, if they are ready to add it to their schedule. This course should be taken by starting with Book 1 and following the lessons in consecutive order as they build on each other throughout the course.