Jennifer Needham

Lesson Designer

Jennifer Needham is a homeschooling mom to five incredible kids. Teaching others about nutrition is her passion because people can’t be expected to eat right if they aren’t taught how! Those people who spend the time to learn about what it takes to stay healthy usually do stay healthy.

Jennifer has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, a professional background in healthcare, and is finishing her Master’s degree in Nutrition. She works from home writing science curriculum for public school students and teaching nutrition classes for homeschoolers in her local area. She has also written a nutrition curriculum for children called Nutrition For Healthy Kids.

Course taught by Jennifer

Family Nutrition helps students learn the basics of nutrition and how small changes now can help them be healthier and more fit as time goes on. This class does not advocate an overnight change in eating habits but supplies information that can be incorporated as each family desires in order to help each member of the family find healthy changes that can be implemented and lived with over a lifetime. The point of this class is to learn and use what works for you. It is best to work through these classes sequentially as certain terms used throughout are explained in the earlier lessons. Worksheets are included, with answer keys, along with projects, recipes, and discussion activities.