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Kurt Hoffman

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Immensely excited to teach a class on SchoolhouseTeachers.com, here is a bit about Office Chair Philosopher and Professional Mind Blower, Kurt Hoffman…

July 1, 1979, the peculiar story of Kurt Hoffman and his audacious curiosities begins. Reflecting on his youth, Kurt admits he all but hated school. Almost failing high school (and nearly giving his mother an ulcer in the process) he finds it joyfully ironic how passionate he is about helping young people gain what he lacked: a global perspective, clarity about one’s talents, and a love for true knowledge! Kurt was refreshed to discover there does not have to be tension between reason and faith and that there are substantive and meaningful answers to our greatest questions, if only we will seek to know truth above all else.

Earning his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Counseling, and Education in 2006, Kurt went on to earn his Masters of Social Work and Masters of Public Administration in 2009. His first of hopefully several books, Young Heroes: A Learner’s Guide to Changing the World (Abolish Slavery Edition), is premised on the pursuit of truth above all else and dedicated to empowering youth out of cultures of complacency, consumerism, and poverty. Its goal is to transform them into thoughtful creators of a conscientious culture where human dignity is readily and deeply affirmed. His first book does this by empowering youth to abolish the global crisis of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. (You can read Cathy Duffy’s review of his book here.)

Recently, Kurt moved from Arizona to Michigan with his beautiful wife and two children where they are building Young Heroes Academy—an internationally-minded school program designed to, “Enlighten, educate, and empower young people to break the cycles of poverty, transcend cultures of consumerism, and abolish modern-day slavery.” It’s full of dreamery and audacious ideas, just the way he likes it. (Oh yeah, making up new words is another thing he loves to do.)

Visit his website here: flourishhumanity.com/young-heroes-experience/

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Social Justice is designed to educate, enlighten, and empower young people to become modern-day abolitionists. It educates students on the issue of modern-day slavery and human trafficking and compares and contrasts it to historical slavery. It encourages the student to think critically about why slavery is wrong and empowers them to serve alongside others working toward the abolishment of modern-day slavery. While nothing extremely detailed, graphic, or explicit is brought into the discussions, the reality and methods of modern-day slavery are discussed. Students are encouraged to examine their beliefs and values concerning slavery and knowing and understanding truth.