Marla Schultz

Lesson Designer

Marla Schultz is a homeschooling mother of six children. An avid reader of great books of all genres, she is especially fond of children’s literature. Marla graduated from a Bible college in Springfield, MO, with a B.A. in Bible and Communications Arts and an emphasis in Literature. Her mother’s love of books and their family’s missionary experiences has motivated her to learn more about different countries, cultures, and time periods through fiction, and to share that love of learning and discovery with her own children. Marla stays busy working from home, homeschooling, and homemaking. She also enjoys writing fiction. She would love for you to stop and visit her at her website, A Wind in the Branches.

Course taught by Marla

Literature Kits: There is a place for worksheets, but I don’t believe literature resides there. It should be experienced. Talked about. Read out loud. Written about (okay, maybe begrudgingly at times). Tasted (nothing helps you experience a book like indulging in the treats your character is relishing) and explored. With that in mind, I will emphasize oral interaction and hands-on experiences versus completing multiple worksheets.