Ruth Sundeen -

Ruth Sundeen

Lesson Designer

Ruth Sundeen graduated from Evangel University in May of 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (pre-med emphasis, minor in chemistry). After moving to Louisiana and upon becoming a mother, she operated a home-based business for 17 years while homeschooling her two children.

When her oldest child reached high school age, she began teaching science to her son and other local, home-educated students. She has taught Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy, and Physiology for 16 years. She averages more than 50 students each year.

Ruth is passionate about teaching science from a special creation standpoint, and she wants all of her students to come away from her classes with a love of science, a strong grasp of the extensive scientific evidence to support special creation, and the conviction that they can make a difference in the world we live in. She lives in Abita Springs, Louisiana, with her wonderful husband, Larry.

Course taught by Ruth

Biology is a basic high school science course, and this Biology class presents a study of life that helps to focus the student’s attention on the Great Designer who gave us all life to study and enjoy. It is a solid foundational class that is best studied beginning with the first lesson and following through in the order of the lessons, as they build on each other, for a fuller understanding of the subject. You will find some Latin and Greek prefixes and root words taught that you can apply, not only to your biology class, but also to basic vocabulary material that you may encounter in your other studies. You will be given hands-on activities to demonstrate scientific principles and ideas, such as microscope slides and field studies. Quizzes and answer keys are provided.