Welcome to Our Twelfth Grade School Box!

The Twelfth Grade School Box from SchoolhouseTeachers.com, when used in conjunction with the entire platform, becomes a pivotal resource for college preparation. This comprehensive tool:

  • Facilitates College Readiness: It offers a well-rounded curriculum necessary for the academic rigors of college.
  • Includes Customizable Options: Combines core subjects with elective choices, allowing for a tailored educational experience.
  • Ensures Comprehensive Coverage: Covers a full academic year, aligning with college preparatory standards.

This curriculum is not just about meeting educational benchmarks; it’s about empowering your student to reach their full potential. As a parent, you play a crucial role in this journey. With SchoolhouseTeachers.com, you’re equipped with all the resources needed to guide your child through this critical year. Embrace this opportunity to prepare them for college and beyond, knowing you have the support to make this final year of homeschooling impactful and successful.


**Always follow your state’s requirements** 
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No! All the content you need is included with an Ultimate SchoolhouseTeachers.com membership.

The Twelfth Grade Homeschool Curriculum Box is a set of online materials, including downloadable .pdf files, streaming videos, and other resources that are available immediately upon purchase of an Ultimate SchoolhouseTeachers.com membership. There is no physical box of materials to store, no shipping cost, and no delay while waiting for materials to arrive.

✓ A curriculum guide for each subject that correlates objectives with the SchoolhouseTeachers.com Scope and Sequence
✓ Weekly checklists to keep you on track
✓ Daily checklists that guide you—and your student—through each activity
✓ Direct links to the SchoolhouseTeachers.com courses and resources you need by the week
✓ All the additional suggested materials for the year listed in one place, like art supplies and notepaper
✓ Links to additional SchoolhouseTeachers.com resources for those days you want to spend more time on a topic your kids love

Please check the SchoolhouseTeachers.com Scope and Sequence for a full list of the skills covered at each level. Here is just a sample of the topics your child will explore this year:

  • Math: Precalculus includes relations and functions, linear and quadratic functions, polynomial and rational functions, logarithmic functions, equations and matrices, sequences and binomial theorem
  • Literature: High School British Literature explores literature from early manuscripts to contemporary influential and popular British authors through poetry, plays, epics, and novels
  • Writing/Composition: techniques for writing college admission essays, advertising copy, compare and contrast essays; how to use words effectively to accomplish your goal
  • Spelling: lists derived from scripture, literature, and famous speeches
  • Science: High School Physics includes kinematics, forces and Newton’s Laws, circular motion work and energy, momentum and motion, waves, circuits, magnetism, optics
  • History – Traditional: one semester of American Government and one semester of Economics
  • History – Classical: Understanding Modern History studies the areas of the American Revolution, Jeffersonian Era, Nationalism, the Age of Jackson, Manifest Destiny, American Civil War, Reconstruction, Industrial America, the Gilded Age, the Progressive Era, World War I, the Great Depression, civil rights and social reform, war on terror, prominent historical figures of the time period
  • Art: elements of design; creating art by following examples and instruction

Sure! Each curriculum guide has the same basic layout, designed to save you time and effort. Please click on the image for a larger view.

Absolutely not! You can choose the subject guides you need from the Twelfth Grade Homeschool Curriculum Box. Choose curriculum guides from across multiple grades to match your student’s skills and interests, combine guides for some subjects with individual SchoolhouseTeachers.com courses of your choice in other subject areas, or customize using resources from one of our Focused Learning Centers. Flexible options help you meet your individual needs! **Always follow your state’s requirements**

The Twelfth Grade Homeschool Curriculum Box, complete with all the curriculum guides and resources you need to successfully teach a full year of twelfth grade core academic skills, is automatically available as part of an Ultimate Membership in SchoolhouseTeachers.com. We have a variety of membership options to choose from, and every membership includes access to hundreds of courses, a huge selection of streaming videos, full World Book libraries, and dozens of additional tools and resources for your entire family!