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2017-2018 Schoolhouse Planner

“Simplify your life with the 2017-2018 Schoolhouse Digital Planner. Inside you’ll find all the forms you’ve ever wanted to organize home and school. Take a look:

  • Helpful articles written by homeschooling experts like Jeannie Fulbright, Kim Kautzer, Dr. Mary Hood, and Cindy Wiggers, as well as homeschooling parents just like you.
  • Interactive calendars, planning pages, field trip logs, and transcripts.
  • Notebooking and Lapbook resources
  • Must-have lists, including common Greek and Latin roots, books of the Bible, grammar and spelling rules, a periodic table of the elements, U.S. Presidents and more!
  • Helpful household forms such as chore charts, grocery lists, and meal-planning charts.
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High School Schoolhouse Planner

Prepare your high schooler for life after homeschool. Develop time management and organization skills with the downloadable 2017-2018 High School Schoolhouse Digital Planner. Inside your high schooler will find over 350 pages that include:

  • Encouraging articles written by homeschool graduates, as well as expertly written articles to help with setting goals, hands on science and starting a micro business.
  • Calendar and planning pages, record-keeping forms, transcripts, and forms for goal planning and objectives.
  •  A guide for planning a high school course of study.
  •  A college checklist, forms for tracking scholarship information, and for exploring career ideas.
  • Academic forms to assist with current events, research papers, science labs, and field trips.
  •  Logs for tracking community service, discipleship, Bible memorization, and independent study.
  • Much, much more!

Your 9th to 12th grader will gain a lifetime of organizational skills with the 2017-2018 High School Schoolhouse Planner.

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