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With nearly 6,000 years behind us, there can be quite a lot to learn. Our history courses meet that challenge head on. Travel back to the beginning of time and work your way forward. From Ancient History to the Renaissance, early American history to the Civil Rights Movement, students in preschool through high school can develop a greater understanding of the events and people who shaped our nation and our world. Enjoy the epic tale of His Story!

Please use the key below to see what components a class includes. Please note: the class will contain a combination of the components listed.

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Spotlight on Homeschool History Curriculum

The topics to explore in history are endless, and we know that sometimes choosing a homeschool history curriculum can seem almost as equally overwhelming. Let us help you by rounding up all of our history courses in one place. You’ll find everything from ancient history for elementary to modern history for high school. You can assemble these courses into a homeschool history curriculum as unique as your child. Here are just a few to whet your appetite before you dive into all the great options below.

Join Dave Stotts for a guided tour through Ancient or American history with the video-based Drive Thru History courses! Visit Scrooby, a small village in England where the Pilgrims first banded together. See the sites used for Roman chariot racing and Turkish underground cities. Watch the videos as a supplement to your history studies, or flesh out the material with worksheets designed by!

How did a page in the court of King Ferdinand become the leader of the counter-reformation? Who is considered the most brilliant female literary mind of the eighteenth century? The Leaders of History course will encourage development of critical thinking and writing skills, while introducing your high school student to 2,000 years' worth of men and women who left their impact on politics, faith, science, and culture.

Make mud bricks and sugar cube igloos while teaching your student with Ancient History for Elementary! Hands-on activities and projects will help your young learner explore the cultures of India, Mesopotamia, Sumer, lands of the Bible, and more. This is just one of the many elementary-level history courses available!

Does it matter what people wore years ago? The answer is definitely "Yes!” Fashion has demonstrated social ranking, function, and expression for centuries. Studying clothing trends gives us a deeper understanding of history and cultures —and it's a fun topic to explore, too! Use the Fashions in History course to take a trip through the fashions of the 18th - 20th centuries, learn about historic dolls, do some crafts and sewing, and learn how understanding fashions can help you date those old family photos!

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