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Teen Writers Group

Is your teen an amazing writer? Do they like history? Our Teen Writers Group is a group of teens who create content for SchoolhouseTeachers.com. Currently, they are working on creating short stories for our This Day in History course. Membership to the site is not required. If you would like more information about what is required to join the Teen Writers Group, please contact Bonnie Rose Hudson, our site director, at bhudson@theoldschoolhouse.com.

These teens have written the following stories for our This Day in History course. This Day in History leads your family on an exploration of history from ancient times through today with worksheets, living book lists, short fiction, discussion and research questions, hands-on activities, upper grade options, and more. This is a perfect way to work a little history into your day. Topics include everything from serious historic events to fun facts such as the birthday of the man who invented the salad bar! Our teens are creating short stories for numerous historical events to help bring them to life for your students. Come take a look at all of the This Day in History resources.

Anthony Goreman

  • January 12, 2010, Earthquake in Haiti
  • February 10, 1996, Deep Blue Beats Kasparov

Emily Bergren

  • February 12, 1789, Ethan Allen’s Death
  • February 26, 1919, Trevor’s Vacation

Grace Hopper

  • November 30, 1874, A Letter to Anne of Green Gables

Robin G. Teel

  • January 30, 1836, Let’s Go There Together

Caylin Plaisance

  • January 11, 1949, Los Angeles Snowfall
  • January 21, 1954, Nautilus
  • February 13, 1981, Explosions
  • March 23, 1775, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
  • July 2, 1908, The Funeral

Elizabeth Hite

  • January 2, 1788, Georgia: Fourth State to Join the Union

Chilor Thomas

  • June 6, 1944, The Ultimate Sacrifice

Sydney Aperson

  • June 2, 1953, Coronation Day

Loren Pearl

  • August 1, 1498, Lantern Glass

Maggie Grandell

  • January 21, 1924, Only Time Will Tell
  • March 15, 44BC, A Confusing Day
  • March 16, 1839, Dreamer
  • May 8, 1945, Victory in Europe!

Mia Pott

  • February 3, 1809, Colors
  • April 1, 1973, Project Persevere
  • July 20, 1969, Cosmos

Grace Quigley

  • January 27, 1967, An Apollo 1 Account

Helen Alston

  • January 15, 1759, Journal of Tom Morgan
  • February 7, 1812, Journal of Henry Dowling

Caroline Sager

  • February 9, 1737, Toby and Tess

Adriana Wallin

  • August 14, 1945, When Anger is No More

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