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These videos are parts of many courses on our site (you can view all the courses with video or a table with a breakdown of which classes have video). However, we’ve heard from many of you that you’d like the videos all rounded up in one spot so you can watch a video just for fun! That’s what this page is.

This is a library of the video titles we have available on our site. If you want to use these videos as part of a class, be sure to check the course pages for additional worksheets, activities, and materials. If you just want to watch some great programs, start scrolling and watching!

Most videos are available worldwide (a very small number have geographic restrictions). Most of our videos are available right here on the site, but a few require you to set up a free account with RightNow Media. Those details and instructions are found below. 

The specific videos included in this library are subject to change. Learn more on our Class Availability page.

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No, this media library is provided FREE to all active SchoolhouseTeachers.com members.

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