Building Faithful Marriages -

Building Faithful Marriages

Length: 3 hours of video and 100+ study questions
Includes: Videos and study questions
Age/Grade: Parents

How to Use This Course

Marriages face threats from all sides—busyness, financial stress, anger, resentment, adultery. This video series helps couples look at some of these threats and find healthy, Biblically based methods of protecting against them and healing from the hurt they can cause.

Course Introduction

Through more than 40 videos and 100+ study questions, this course looks at the following topics. Videos can be watched in any order; please feel free to pick and choose those that address topics you are most interested in.


  • Refine Your Marriage: Every married couple understands that building a life between two imperfect people takes work. Sometimes, the resulting challenges can cause breakdown and heartache when we focus on the problems instead of the Lord. This four-part series teaches couples how to foresee and avoid those danger signs and gives tips for focus to refine ourselves into the godly husbands and wives the Lord has called us to be.
  • A New Vision for Marriage: Many marriages today face tremendous difficulties that threaten their futures. This video encourages pastors to cast a vision that helps couples to see a different way of living both with God and one another.
  • Create Balance: As women, we are being pulled in all different directions. We have plenty of things to do and people to see, and we have many responsibilities. It’s no wonder we often find ourselves exhausted and overburdened. This video talks about creating balance and what that means for those who desire to be good stewards of the things God has placed in their lives.
  • Find Balance with the Demands of Life: Most women struggle to find balance with the demands of motherhood, work, church, friends, and marriage. This video encourages women to completely trust Christ as the balance for the busyness and the demands of their everyday lives.
  • Five Simple Steps to Take When Your Husband Is Overwhelmed: You see your husband overwhelmed and exhausted. It could be work or finances. Maybe there are things going on with his parents, your kids, or his health. It takes work every day to keep a marriage happy and healthy. This video explores things wives can do actively to help their husbands during difficult times.
  • Invest in Your Marriage: Your marriage relationship has a profound impact on your ministry. This video talks about the importance of investing in your marriage and the impact that has on your ministry and your relationship with God.
  • Stop Conflict Before It Starts: Your thoughts help form and determine your attitude toward marriage and how you feel about your husband. They can inspire hope or take it away; they can promote peace or declare war. This video helps women deal with anger and the external triggers that can make conflict grow out of control.
  • The Meaning of Marriage: Marriage is many things: a joy, a blessing, a challenge. But what does it mean? Why do marriages exist, and what is their purpose?
  • When You Need Your Husband’s Forgiveness: One of the more difficult aspects of marriage is apologizing to your husband when you’ve done something wrong. And right up there with repentance and asking for forgiveness is waiting for healing and restoration. This video talks about what women can do when they’ve broken their husband’s trust and encourages them to put their trust in God for healing and restoration.
  • Gospel Marriage: Many men and women don’t realize how little they know about their own hearts until they get married. Even when you marry with the purest intentions and best in pre-marriage preparation, there is a steep learning curve once you get home from the honeymoon. This video encourages couples to pursue a Gospel-centered marriage.
  • Have a Good Fight with your Spouse: It doesn’t take very long after you exchange vows to realize that conflict, even in marriage, is inevitable. It’s how you handle this conflict that makes all the difference. This video clarifies the difference between a good and bad fight and shares strategies for using conflict to create better and stronger connections in couples.
  • Marriage Basics: Our world says marriage means living happily ever after. God’s definition of marriage centers on holiness, not happiness. This video looks at a proper picture of marriage based on the Bible.
  • To Protect Your Marriage: If asked to list our priorities, most of us would say God and family easily fill the top two spots, but do we always live that way? How do you keep your marriage elevated above your job and hobbies and even ministry? This video shows married couples how to rightly prioritize their marriages.
  • Restoration After Adultery: Few things devastate the trust in a marriage like adultery, but it doesn’t have to end the marriage. This video looks to Scripture and provides wise counsel for both parties struggling through the aftermath of adultery.
  • Life Remains Messy After Reconciliation: Adultery hurts. Pain exists for both husband and wife when there is an affair in a marriage. But there is grace. Sarah Markley knows the pain of infidelity. Now a well-known writer, Sarah speaks about the lasting effects her affair has had on her marriage and the profound reality of God’s grace in her marriage.
  • Love the Differences in Your Family: The differences of our spouse and kids can be frustrating, especially when we feel like we are right. Often, though, these differences are not a matter of right and wrong, but particular God-given bents toward communication and problem solving. This video explores how we can enjoy and benefit from our differences in the family.
  • How to Deal with Arguments in Your Marriage: Almost every couple argues at some point in their marriage. This video will help you look inward at your own marriage and address conflict.
  • How to Deal with Conflict in Marriage: Harmony in marriage doesn’t just happen; it takes work! This video shares five practical, Biblical ways to deal with conflict in marriage and help your relationship be successful.
  • Expectations We Bring to Marriage: We all bring expectations into marriage. This video helps us understand where those expectations come from and how we can create realistic ones.
  • Financial Stress in Marriage: Marriage can be hard enough, but when you add the strain of paying bills and setting budgets, it can become completely overwhelming. This video shares some insight into ways to balance and control the financial stress in marriage.
  • Crazy Busy: I’m busy. You’re busy. We’re all busy. But what is all this busyness costing us? What toll is busyness extracting from our lives? And what are its hidden—and not so hidden—dangers?

The Foundations of a Healthy Marriage: Our world often produces an unhealthy focus and false expectations for marriage. Godly marriages don’t happen by accident. This video shares guidance for healthy relationships.

  • Refine Your Marriage
  • A New Vision for Marriage
  • Create Balance
  • Find Balance with the Demands of Life
  • Five Simple Steps to Take When Your Husband is Overwhelmed
  • Invest in Your Marriage
  • Stop Conflict Before It Starts
  • The Meaning of Marriage
  • When You Need Your Husband’s Forgiveness
  • Gospel Marriage
  • Have a Good Fight with your Spouse
  • Marriage Basics
  • To Protect Your Marriage
  • Restoration After Adultery
  • Life Remains Messy After Reconciliation
  • Love the Differences in Your Family
  • How to Deal with Arguments in Your Marriage
  • How to Deal with Conflict in Marriage
  • Expectations We Bring to Marriage
  • Financial Stress in Marriage
  • Crazy Busy

The Foundations of a Healthy Marriage

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