Heritage Crafts

Length: Ongoing
Includes: Printable weekly lessons
Age/Grade: Family

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How to Use This Course

Heritage crafts are life skills that people in the past used to create art and live productive lives. We will be learning a lot about these life skills by making a variety of cornhusk dolls, writing with quills, making ink, drying apples, making candles, and more. This class is best done as a family, as some portions of the crafts require parental supervision.

Course Introduction

Have you ever dreamt about making your own candles or your own cornhusk dolls? Have you ever wanted to make your own quill? Heritage Crafts celebrates history by looking at pastimes such as making cornhusk dolls, writing with quills, making ink, drying apples, making candles, and more. Let’s get started!

Printable weekly lessons.

heritage crafts

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