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It is said that college students are being trained for jobs that don’t yet exist. It’s likely most of these jobs will require a high degree of proficiency when it comes to technology. So much of what we do in our daily lives now requires us to be somewhat tech savvy. Students in elementary through high school can get a head start here with our outstanding computer courses and learn skills that will give them the advantage in today’s world.

Please use the key below to see what components a class includes. Please note: the class will contain a combination of the components listed.

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Technology is everywhere. There is hardly an area of our lives where technology and the continual changes in technology don’t exert influence. Help your students prepare for the future with some of our computer and technology courses. Here are a few to get you started! Check out all the available computer and technology courses below.

In Keyboarding, David Kimball, “The Typing Coach,” provides ten weeks of audio and printable instruction to teach the basics of typing and improve students’ proficiency.

Does your teen love to turn on the computer’s video camera and share her passions with the world? Use the Podcasting to Change the World course to teach your teen about the power, responsibility, and how-tos of successful podcasting!

Do you have a teen who is itching to start his or her own business? Do you have a child who loves to dream big and reach for the stars? We would love to introduce you to Dana Beasley and her class—Internet Entrepreneurship for Teens! Twenty-four weekly lessons help your teen learn how to start and promote a business and learn timeless business principles. Whether your teen actually starts his own business during this course or creates a mock business, he should be prepared to discover brand new ways to explore his God-given passions and purpose.

In the Web Game Design class, students are going to learn how to create some simple games right in their web browser. This is a programming-centric class, meaning the students will be writing (typing) code to make things happen. The course will cover topics including starting a JavaScript game, handling images and sound effects, input fields, 2D frame animation, virtual worlds, and much more.

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