How to Use Microsoft Word -

How to Use Microsoft Word

Length:  8 weeks
Content-type: Video-based
Age/Grade: 2nd – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Computer programs of all types are part of the daily lives for most of us today. This eight-week video course walks you through how to use Microsoft Word® so that you can use it as easily and efficiently as possible whether you are doing your homework, creating a resume for work, typing a list of things to do, or writing the next bestselling novel.

Course Introduction

This eight-week introduction to Microsoft Word begins with the basics of the toolbars and status bar and works through highlighting text, using the format painter, displaying non-print characters, formatting paragraphs, inserting symbols and page breaks, using spell checker and auto correct, adjusting the contrast of an image, and much more.

Course Outline

Week 1: Becoming familiar with the title bar, menu bar, standard toolbar, formatting toolbar, and status bar

Week 2: Creating a new document, entering and deleting text, changing font size and color, highlighting text, using format painter, saving document

Week 3: Displaying non-print characters, setting and clearing tabs, changing paragraph alignment, adding numbers and bullets, adding indents, changing spacing between paragraphs

Week 4: Inserting date and time, inserting symbols, inserting and editing page headers and footers, adding page numbers, adding manual page breaks

Week 5: Checking spelling, using auto spell checker, using autocorrect, adding to autocorrect, finding and replacing text in a document, using print preview

Week 6: Adding graphics and clipart; controlling text flow around a graphic; resizing and rotating a graphic; adjusting contrast, brightness, and compression

Week 7: Adding tables: navigating in a table, adding and editing text in a table, adding rows and columns, adjusting rows and columns, deleting rows and columns

Week 8: Adding textboxes, adding and formatting text in textboxes, controlling text flow within a textbox, resizing and formatting a textbox

Miranda Bird

Lesson Designer

Miranda Bird is a fifteen-year old homeschooler from Jacksonville, Florida. She enjoys reading, writing, volunteering, participating in 4-H...

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