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Since 2012, thousands of homeschooling families have depended on SchoolhouseTeachers.com to provide outstanding courses in all subject areas for their children—from preschool through high school. Because of our incredible team of lesson designers, parents, students, and volunteers, our site now offers more than 400 course options in everything from computer programming to foreign language, science to music, math to language arts, and so much more.

Curriculum on SchoolhouseTeachers.com is presented in either a downloadable or online format. There are no physical items included in your membership.

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It’s the curriculum site of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. We currently offer classes for preschool through high school as well as several courses for parents. Courses vary in length and intensity, from a few weeks to a full year or more. Academic weighting for transcripts of many high school classes is included.

Classes are not live, so you always have the option of starting any course at any point in time. You can simply visit an earlier lesson and begin at whatever point you are ready. Classes are presented in a variety of formats. Almost all classes have a written component. Some classes, such as Film-making, Beginning Guitar, Beginning Violin, French, and Spanish also offer an audio or video component with their lessons.

Curriculum on SchoolhouseTeachers.com is presented in either a downloadable or online format. There are no physical items included in your membership.

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SchoolhouseTeachers.com is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Find your desired courses and create a schedule.  2. Print the lesson plans and class PDF files.  3. Have your student complete the class and mark off the lesson plan checklist. Grade your student’s work and load the grades into Applecore to have an organized portfolio of your student’s progress.

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Though many curriculum websites exist, SchoolhouseTeachers.com is unique in its tools, its community, and its benefits for members. With more than 300 classes, most taught by homsechooling parents and graduates, our members are connected to those who understand what it means to homeschool—the blessings, the struggles, and the desire for exceptional resources so our children will be prepared for the future . . . whatever that looks like.


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