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A Century of Art (Middle School)
Each lesson in A Century of Art explores the unique elements that contribute to the particular style, including the history, and introduces students to key artists of the time period. Each also includes an art project to familiarize students with the style. Numerous opportunities for students to explore one or more styles more deeply are provided. For a preview of the course A Century of Art, click here.

All About Art (Elementary)
This six-week course is designed to introduce children in first through third grades to the basics of color and significant types of art including still lifes, abstract, landscapes, and self-portraits. Each lesson includes an art activity for students to experiment with what they have learned. For a preview of the All About Art course, click here.

Art & History: Interconnected (High School)
What did Michelangelo have to do with the Reformation? How did the Baroque period send the Pilgrims high-tailing it to the New World? Nothing happens in a vacuum. History affects art, and sometimes, art affects history. This course explores how world events have impacted art and how different artists communicate their message through their art. For a preview of the Art & History: Interconnected course, click here.


Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy (High School)
This course is presented from a Biblical worldview and will introduce students to Biblical and current worldviews and philosophies. It is designed to help students recognize their own worldview and philosophy and equip them to compare, develop, and defend a position that is reasonable, realistic, and theologically sound. Students will learn to be able to trace the history of Western philosophy from its Greek origins. This course is based on independent research. Material and links are given to guide students to resources, but students must investigate and read various related resources to gain a thorough understanding of the topics discussed. For a preview of the Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy course, click here.

Stewardship of God’s Earth (Elementary–High School)
Stewardship of God’s Earth is designed to introduce students of all ages to some of the basics of being good stewards of our natural resources. Topics such as compost, earthworms, repurposing, recycling, and personal stewardship are discussed. For a preview of the Stewardship of God’s Earth course, click here.


Heritage Crafts (Family)
Heritage crafts are life skills that people in the past used to create art and live productive lives. Students learn about these life skills by making corn husk dolls, writing with quills, making ink, drying apples, making candles, and more. This class is best done as a family, as some portions of the crafts require parental supervision. For a preview of the Heritage Crafts course, click here.

Introduction to Architecture (Middle School–High School)
This course covers basic components of architecture, as well as various structures, including skyscrapers, bridges, cathedrals, homes, castles, and sports arenas. Students will learn about aspects of each structure, including the marvel of its inception at that particular point in history, its function, the architects (where applicable) responsible for its creation, and the science behind its stability. For a preview of the Introduction to Architecture course, click here.

Foreign Language

Basic Conversational Korean

Basic Conversational Korean (High School)
Are you curious about the Korean landscape and culture? Have you always wanted to learn an Asian language but hesitated due to the challenge of learning a new alphabet and difficult vocabulary? This course was designed for you. Basic Conversational Korean is a high school level homeschool curriculum consisting of 36 lessons. It uses PowerPoint presentations with audio material to help with pronunciation. There are also printable worksheets, vocabulary lists, quizzes and exams, and answer keys. For a preview of the Basic Conversational Korean course, click here.

ESL Language Arts (Family)
This course is designed as an introduction to grammar for students who are second language learners. Each week’s lesson will include a new topic and an answer key. Lessons are broken down into the background of the principle being studied, guided practice, independent practice, and extension exercises. For a preview of the ESL Language Arts course, click here.


All About Maps (Kindergarten–Middle School)
Maps are an integral part of geography. This course starts with basic map skills including directions and the compass rose and advances through a study of latitude and longitude, various types of maps, natural resources, how settlement and war have impacted political maps, settlements and land use, natural disasters, and natural hazards. For a preview of the All about Maps course, click here.

Everyday Explorers: USA (Kindergarten–High School)
Enjoy learning about the past and the present as we explore a different state each month. Students will travel across the United States, exploring history and the wonders of the nation’s states. Activities are provided for each grade level as needed using Explorer Packs, Travel Journals, and some states even have Coloring Packs for younger students. This is an ongoing series with many, but not all states currently available. More states will be added as they are created. For a preview of the Everyday Explorers: USA course, click here.

Health and Fitness

Family Fitness (Family)
Bethany Learn of Fit2B Studio teaches with both video and printable components, explaining the importance of understanding and applying proper fitness while giving you and your family practical ways to get up and get healthy! For a preview of the Family Fitness course, click here.

Growing Healthy in Third Grade

Growing Healthy in Third Grade (Elementary)
Hazards abound, but with a little training and preparation, children can learn to avoid many of them and prevent some emergencies from happening. From fire, water, and street safety to what to do if someone is bleeding or choking, Growing Healthy in Third Grade discusses everyday situations younger elementary children may encounter and shows them how to respond. For a preview of the Growing Healthy in Third Grade course, click here.

Preventing and Responding to Emergencies (Elementary–Middle School)
The Preventing and Responding to Emergencies course helps introduce upper elementary students to ways they can prevent, identify, and treat a variety of emergencies. This course should be studied with parents, and it is not intended to give medical advice or work as a substitute for formal emergency training. For a preview of the Preventing and Responding to Emergencies course, click here.


ABC with ME (Pre-KindergartenKindergarten)
Bring history to life for your littlest learners with a preschool history course focused on the ABCs! This twenty-six week preschool course introduces little ones to key figures in American history, one letter at a time. They’ll discover that A is for Abraham Lincoln, B is for Benjamin Franklin, and more. Each week includes information about the historic figure, suggested reading, a coloring sheet, and other helpful resources. For a preview of the ABC with ME course, click here.

American History for Beginners (Elementary)
Through engaging text, pictures, crafts, maps, and more, early elementary students can discover the beginnings of the United States of America, from Columbus to the Bill of Rights. Weekly lessons provide the material you need to bring the past to life, and plenty of supplemental links to free resources around the Internet share ideas to keep your students engaged throughout the week with what they have learned. For a preview of the American History for Beginners course, click here.

Medieval to the Renaissance: High School History (High School)
This high school history course covers approximately AD 476–1492, from the fall of Rome to the beginnings of exploration. Special focus is given to medieval Europe, China, Spain, and the Vikings as well as leaders of the Renaissance and Reformation. For a preview of the Medieval to the Renaissance: High School History course, click here.

Renaissance to World War II History (Middle School)
From the distant days of the Renaissance and Reformation through colonialism and struggles for independence, through the world wars that reshaped the world, our Renaissance to World War II homeschool history course brings the past to life for students. To view a sample of the Renaissance to World War II History course, click here.

Language Arts

Classics of English Literature (High School)
This course on English literature gives an overview of various forms of literature, including poetry, plays, novels, and epics, from the earliest manuscripts to contemporary authors of the twentieth century. Numerous classics are studied, including Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, Macbeth, the King James Bible, Pilgrim’s Progress, Paradise Lost, Gulliver’s Travels, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, The Screwtape Letters, and various selections of poetry. To view a sample of the Classics of English Literature course, click here.

Ditch the Desk (Pre-KindergartenMiddle School)
Enjoy some hands-on learning for your Kindergarten-5th graders with these twenty-four weekly or monthly unit studies that can help your Kindergarten-5th graders explore the world around them–without being tied to a desk. Topics include authors or illustrators, backyard critters, baking with math, banishing boring book reports, birds, the life of frontier photographer Evelyn Cameron, fairy tales, growing up Dutch, the ocean, the weather, and even candy canes! You can learn about everything from space to the Renaissance (you can even throw your own Renaissance festival)! For a preview of the Ditch the Desk course, click here.

Exploring Creative Writing (Middle School)
What exactly is creative writing, and what does good creative writing look like? What are some tools writers have at their disposal to master words and put them in their proper places? In this course, students will learn to employ various tools and develop a style of their own—one that helps them define, in their own beautiful words, what creative writing means to them. For a preview of the Exploring Creative Writing course, click here.

Story Skills for Reading Comprehension (Elementary)
Story Skills for Reading Comprehension helps a student understand what they read. By taking stories apart and examining each piece, the student develops an awareness of story structure, which is important for both comprehension and for future writing skills. The course starts from the most basic parts of story structure and moves progressively to more advanced skills. For a preview of the Story Skills for Reading Comprehension course, click here.


Algebra 2 (High School)
Algebra 2 is a full-year course designed for students who have successfully completed Algebra 1. It includes textbook reading, practice problems, homework, and unit tests. Key vocabulary is highlighted, and study tips are included. An answer key is also included. For a preview of the Algebra 2 course, click here.

All About Shapes (Preschool)
All About Shapes is a fun way to teach and reinforce basic shapes with your preschooler through games, foods, books, crafts, and more! Learn about circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, triangles, stars, pentagons, octagons, crescents, hearts, and diamonds/rhombi. For a preview of the All About Shapes course, click here.

Pre-Algebra (Middle School)
Help your students learn—and even enjoy—Pre-Algebra! Designed for sixth through eighth graders, this course will prepare students for future math courses. Sequential lessons build on each other and incorporate review and real-life applications for every topic studied. Each easy-to-use lesson includes printable instructions, worksheets, and answer keys. For a preview of the Pre-Algebra course, click here.

Steaming Ahead with Fifth Grade Math (Elementary)
This fifth grade math homeschool course helps students continue to build on their knowledge of math and take the next steps toward a broader and deeper understanding of mathematical skills and concepts. For a preview of the Steaming Ahead with Fifth Grade Math course, click here.


Appreciating the Gift of Music (Kindergarten)
This fun introduction to music course for kindergarteners focuses on helping children enjoy music. There are lessons about instruments (including their own bodies!), three well-known instrumental pieces, and the difference between rhythm and beat. Ample instruction and guidance is provided for the parent so you can confidently enjoy sharing this course with your children even if you don’t know an accordion from a xylophone. For a preview of the Appreciating the Gift of Music course, click here.

If It Isn’t Baroque . . . The History of Western Music (ElementaryHigh School)
This twelve-week course explores the history of Western music from ancient times through modern day. The topics include the origins of music, music styles from history, key composers and developments in music history, and differences in various music genres. For a preview of the If It Isn’t Baroque . . . The History of Western Music course, click here.


Preschool in a Box (Preschool)
Each weekly theme incorporates fine motor skills and development in five daily activities for children ages 2-5 as they learn about everything from apples to superheroes and snowmen to safaris! Most lessons also include letter/number recognition and counting, sequencing, patterns, or early math readiness. For a preview of the Preschool in a Box course, click here.

Preschool Playground: Arts, Crafts & Music (Preschool)
Have you run out of ideas for incorporating art and music into your preschooler’s day? Preschool Playground: Arts, Crafts & Music is full of fun activities that are easy to implement—fun crafts (get sticky, painty, and creative!), great music (songs, instruments, even music appreciation!), puzzles, patterns, and more. Get inspired with more than 35 activities, and your children will learn as they have a great time with you! For a preview of the Preschool Playground: Arts, Crafts & Music course, click here.


Anatomy & Physiology (High School)
This high school anatomy and physiology course takes a closer look at how and why the human body works and God’s remarkable design in the body’s tiniest details. For a preview of the Anatomy & Physiology course, click here.

Charlotte Mason Preschool (Pre-Kindergarten)
Join Brittney Jordan for six four-week units that explore nature study themes and incorporate activities such as handicrafts, art, and living books to help you and your littlest ones enjoy purposeful play and fun time together. For a preview of the Charlotte Mason Preschool course, click here.

Everyday Astronomy (Kindergarten–High School)

Travel to the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars and explore outer space like never before. This multiple grade level course will get your student excited about Earth and the world beyond. From satellites to space ships and missions to observatories, astronomy will come alive through Bible verses, activities, crafts, videos, images, and even recipes. For a preview of the Everyday Astronomy course, click here.

Fun with Gravity and Climate (Elementary)
These lessons include daily Bible reading from Genesis to help children understand gravity, creation, climate, and weather from a Biblical perspective as well as daily activities to reinforce their understanding. Each week, students complete activities such as writing assignments, printable activities, creating family treats in the kitchen, conducting research, and creating projects based on their research. For a preview of the Fun with Gravity and Climate course, click here.

Social Studies

All About Careers (Elementary–Middle School)
In All About Careers, students have the opportunity for an in-depth study of eleven careers in various fields. Through fun activities, text, projects, and the experiences of professionals shared in the text, students can get a glimpse of possible career choices and ideas for many more to investigate. For a preview of the All About Careers course, click here.

Learning About World Cultures (Middle School)
You’ve heard of Russia and Brazil. What about Moldova and Swaziland? This course will travel the globe, from continent to continent, providing a brief glimpse of the culture present within each country on that continent, with an opportunity for further research to enrich the student’s understanding of the world around them. From population and languages to religion and holidays, there is an abundance of facts to learn about each stop along the way. For a preview of the Learning About World Cultures course, click here.

Mock Trial (Middle SchoolHigh School)
More than two dozen units are available in this course taught by attorney, wife, and homeschool mom Deborah Burton. Lessons are designed to help students learn about the law and participate in their own mock trials. Teacher helps are provided. For a preview of the Mock Trial course, click here.

Who Are Community Helpers? (Elementary)
With this course, students have the opportunity to learn about ten different professions: chef, construction worker, dentist, doctor, farmer, firefighter, mail carrier, nurse, police officer, and teacher. Components of Bible, math, reading, science, health, writing, and social studies are included in this course to help students learn more about these professions. To view a sample of the Who Are Community Helpers? course, click here.

Just for Parents

Joy in the Morning (Family)
Forty-eight daily devotionals full of laughter, encouragement, Biblical promises, practical de-stressing tips, and relatable stories are designed to help moms find Joy in the Morning and be replenished so they can continue to pour into their families and loved ones. For a preview of Michelle Pohl’s Joy in the Morning resource, click here.

Parenting Tips with Dr. Scott Turansky (Family)
Parenting Tips with Dr. Scott Turansky is a series of ten weekly articles designed to help parents understand what it means to parent the hearts of their children. This series breaks away from the common model of behavior modification and explores ways you can connect God’s truth with the hearts of your children to effect real, lasting change that makes an eternal difference. For a preview of the Parenting Tips with Dr. Scott Turansky resource, click here.