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Ditch the Desk

Length:  24 units
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: Preschool – 6th Grades
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How to Use This Course

If you would like your K-5th grade student to observe the world around them, without being tied to a desk, Ditch the Desk is a course you will want to explore. Ditch the Desk contains weekly and monthly unit studies that examine many different topics, such as being an author or illustrator, baking with math, birds, the life of a frontier photographer, fairy tales, the ocean, weather, and more. Your student will experience learning from a hands-on approach while studying math, science, writing, art, and more. The activities are fun, creative, and educational. If your student does not enjoy the traditional “sitting at a desk,” incorporate a little Ditch the Desk into their day to help them learn while “on the move.”

Course Introduction

Would you like to help your K-5th grader explore the world around him—without being tied to a desk? Ditch the Desk contains weekly and monthly unit studies that examine topics such as being an author or illustrator, backyard critters, baking with math, banishing boring book reports, birds, the life of frontier photographer Evelyn Cameron, fairy tales, growing up Dutch, the ocean, the weather, and even candy canes! You can learn about everything from space to the Renaissance (you can even throw your own Renaissance festival!). Are you ready to Ditch the Desk?

  • Author and Illustrator
  • Backyard Critters
  • Baking with Math
  • Banishing Boring Book Reports
  • Birds
  • Keeping Christ in Christmas and Character before Curriculum
  • Candy Canes
  • Cold and Insulation
  • Evelyn Cameron-Frontier Photographer
  • Fairy Tales
  • Gifts and Winter
  • Growing Up Dutch
  • History of the Christmas Tree
  • Meaningful Music
  • My Family’s Café
  • Ocean Study
  • Ranch to Burger
  • Renaissance Festival
  • Saint Nicholas
  • Space
  • Spring
  • Test Taking
  • Weird Weather and Natural Disasters

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