Reading Remedies (Reading Lessons for Young or Struggling Readers) -

Reading Remedies

Length:  30+ units
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: Family
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How to Use This Course

Presented by Dr. Matthew Glavach, Reading Remedies (Reading Lessons for Young or Struggling Readers) helps improve student literacy. Dr. Glavach provides lessons for different learning styles, not simply one option for all students to use. This helps each student improve using their own personal learning style, which encourages the student to continue as they see the progress they are making.

Course Introduction

Each month, I share resources and tips to help you encourage your young or struggling reader. Listening to an expressive, meaning-filled voice can draw students into the magic of reading. Many of my programs are content-area based to help students build rich vocabulary and learn to read clusters of words that share common elements.

CONTACT ME. I would enjoy hearing how the programs are working for you or if you have questions about how to use a program. You can email me at or through my website at I have several reading programs that you can download free at my website.


Matt Glavach

Various approaches to teaching reading are explored through printable materials and occasional audio resources.

Includes: Printable materials and occasional audio resources
Age/Grade: Help for reading skills in Elementary, or as necessary

  • Reading and Spelling Multisyllable Words
  • Reading Fluency Part One and Part Two
  • Learning to Read with Children’s Books
  • Improving Reading and Spelling Skills in Science
  • Using Brain Research to Improve Reading
  • Spelling by Word Parts
  • Phonics
    • Week 1 – Beginning Consonants
    • Week 2 – Ending Consonants
    • Week 3 – Short Vowels a-i
    • Week 4 – Short Vowels u-e-o
    • Week 5 – Long Vowels and Silent /e/
    • Week 6 – Consonant Digraphs (wh, th, ch, sh)
    • Week 7 – Beginning Consonant Blends
    • Week 8 – Ending Consonant Blends
  • Phonics Review
    • Week 1 – Consonant Combinations
    • Week 2 – Long Vowels
    • Week 3 – Vowels + R
    • Week 4 – Vowel Diphthongs
    • Week 5 – The Sounds of AW and Y as a Vowel
    • Week 6 – Variant and Silent Consonants
    • Week 7 – Prefixes, Suffixes, and Syllables
    • Week 8 – Phonics Check
  • Enjoying Summer Reading with Struggling Readers – Part One
  • Enjoying Summer Reading with Struggling Readers – Timed Rapid Reading
  • Enjoying Summer Reading with Struggling Readers – Reading in Phrases
  • Attack Posters
  • Reading the News Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four
  • The Map Skills Activity Map
  • Reading Lab – Analytic Learners
  • Reading Lab – Global Learners
  • Middle and High School Struggling Readers

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