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Analyzing, Understanding, and Exploring Literature

Length: 36 weeks
Includes: Printable parent and student guide, lessons, and worksheets
Age/Grade: 6th – 8th grades

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How to Use This Course

By reading and studying a variety of literary genres, Analyzing, Understanding, and Exploring Literature teaches students to become more independent in their ability to analyze themes and structures, explain an author’s purpose and support their view with text-based details, write more confidently, write an analytical essay, write and give a presentation, and more.

Course Introduction

In this English language arts class, you will develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills in a number of ways, such as:

  • Reading a variety of short- and full-length fiction and nonfiction texts
  • Becoming more independent in your ability to analyze themes and structure
  • Explaining an author’s purpose and using text-based details to support your analyses
  • Learning how to define unfamiliar language and increase your vocabulary knowledge while gaining the skills necessary to become a more confident writer
  • Writing an analytical essay
  • Comparing and contrasting two author’s account of the same information using the Gospels
  • Learning how to analyze the value and accuracy of primary and secondary sources about the same topic
  • Sharpening your ability to analyze and evaluate works of literature through discussion and written critique
  • Taking note of how the elements of a story interact, how the theme or central idea is developed through a text, and whether the author supports his or her claims with sound reasoning or evidence, which will help you to become a better thinker
  • Delivering a presentation, making appropriate eye contact, and speaking at the appropriate volume

Semester One:

  • Week 1: Introduction and Telling a Story
  • Week 2: Short Stories: “The Gift of the Magi”
  • Week 3: Short Stories: “A Horseman in the Sky”
  • Week 4: Compare and Contrast Two Author’s Account of the Same Information Using the Gospels
  • Weeks 5-15: Fiction Novel Unit: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Week 16-17: Primary and Secondary Sources: Abraham Lincoln’s Papers
  • Week 18: Practice Writing Skills

Semester Two:

  • A detailed outline will be posted in late fall, but Semester Two will focus on The Story of My Life by Helen Keller as well as selections from poetry, American tall tales, and fairy tales.

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