Jennifer Chandler

Relations Specialist, Lesson Designer

Jennifer Chandler is a wife, homeschool mom, mentor, freelance writer, and content creator who enjoys encouraging other moms in their homeschooling endeavors. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education. Her background includes working in a library, in the classroom, and as a private tutor. She is the relations specialist as well as a lesson designer for and enjoys contributing to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

Since 2011 her family has prayerfully walked out their homeschool journey. She and her husband are blessed with five children. Their homeschool method is best described as Charlotte Mason-inspired. She also enjoys spending time with her family, reading aloud to her children, learning new handicrafts, cultivating her gardening skills, bird watching, and writing educational materials for children.

You can reach Jennifer on her blog at This Grace Place, on her Facebook page, and Pinterest.

Courses Taught by Jennifer:

Exploring God’s World with Kindergarten Science combines young children’s love of animals and nature with easy-to-follow short stories and tons of hands-on activities. From flowers to flies and cats to coal, enjoy ninety bite-sized lessons, conduct experiments, and have fun!

Analyzing, Understanding, and Exploring Literature: By reading and studying a variety of literary genres, Analyzing, Understanding, and Exploring Literature teaches students to become more independent in their ability to analyze themes and structures, explain an author’s purpose and support their view with text-based details, write more confidently, write an analytical essay, write and give a presentation, and more.