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Exploring God's World with Kindergarten Science

Length: 18 weekly lessons
Includes: Printable lessons with worksheets and activities
Age/Grade: Kindergarten

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How to Use This Course

Exploring God’s World with Kindergarten Science combines young children’s love of animals and nature with easy-to-follow short stories and tons of hands-on activities. From flowers to flies and cats to coal, enjoy ninety bite-sized lessons, conduct experiments, and have fun!

Course Introduction

Welcome to Exploring God’s World with Kindergarten Science! The main text of this class is a collection of short stories about different science topics. The short stories are about a brother and sister, Harry and Dora, and their parents as they learn about the world around them. Each chapter also includes vocabulary words and ends with additional information about the topic. I have provided activities and worksheets to expand your child’s learning for each of the topics. Most children at this age are fascinated by animals, plants, and nature. They also thrive on short, focused lessons and plenty of hands-on activities. I have also included additional activities, links to websites, and videos where possible, but please don’t feel pressured to do all the extra activities. I wanted to provide a variety and hope that some of them will be a fit for your family, location, and time of year. I hope that you and your child have fun learning about the beauty of God’s creation in this class.

Printable lessons with worksheets and activities.

  • Week 1: Cats and Dogs
  • Week 2: Buttercups and Wheat
  • Week 3: Chalk
  • Week 4: Types of Rock; Mice
  • Week 5: Rabbits
  • Week 6: Ivy and Trees
  • Week 7: Bricks
  • Week 8: Donkeys and Sheep
  • Week 9: Turnips and Green Peas
  • Week 10: Iron and Metal
  • Week 11: Hens and Sparrows
  • Week 12: Herbs and Coffee
  • Week 13: Flies and Wasps
  • Week 14: Sunflowers
  • Week 15: Roses
  • Week 16: Wood
  • Week 17: Coal
  • Week 18: Coal

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