Creation, Nature, and You Class -

Creation, Nature, and You

Length: 11 videos
Content-type: Video-based
Age/Grade: Kindergarten – 3rd Grades
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How to Use This Course

Creation, Nature, and You is a video-based supplement to an elementary science class. Students will take a closer look at seeds, soil, trees, fruit, and the wilderness in these eleven video specials.

Course Introduction

Get ready for science fun complete with printable worksheets for students to enjoy!

Jesus told simple stories so everyone who heard them would understand the message. In Seeds, Dirt, and Fruit, host Jim Bergwall takes the seeds of these stories, digs into them, and illustrates with hands-on teaching how “good fruit doesn’t just happen.”

Seeds: In “Seeds,” Jim explains that a seed can be dormant for days, weeks, even years before the conditions are right for it to sprout. Then it becomes the plant it was designed to be. In this episode, Jim conveys that, whether it is literal seeds or the Word of God, seeds contain LIFE!

Dirt: As he digs further in “Dirt,” Jim examines the various kinds of soil, bringing to life Jesus’ Parable of the Sower. He visits a scientist, who reveals the ingredients necessary to produce good soil, which will nurture the seeds into healthy, life-giving plants.

Fruit: What does it really mean to “bear fruit”? Jim Bergwall explains this Biblical principle using the fruit we eat as an example. Join him as he visits an orchard and shows how good fruit appeals to all five senses, is nourishing, and carries life. Using Scripture and hands-on teaching from a fruit-grower, Jim shows how good fruit is carefully tended, needs light and water, and is pruned to make better fruit.

Wonder of Creation: Soil: Soil is so common that we can easily forget how precious it is. And it is so rare in the universe that we can easily miss its significance to our planet. Soil is the foundation for all living things, including humanity. So what is this vital material out of which all life arises and to which all life eventually returns?

Wonder of Creation: Wilderness: The landscape of the wilderness bursts with dramatic and inspiring scenery—quiet rivers and streams, isolated forests, and majestic mountains that rise up to intimidate and challenge anyone who approaches. And for those who have eyes to see, the wilderness reveals its treasures. It also speaks volumes of its Creator, the One responsible for such amazing beauty and design. Experience the wonder of creation in the wilderness, and discover what the wild reveals about God. In this stunning 2-part program, Day of Discovery takes you on a wilderness adventure that will open your senses and stir your heart as you discover the ways God reveals himself in nature. Shot on location in Alaska, this special will transport you to a vast and rugged paradise teeming with fish, birds, and big game. There, with hunting and fishing guide Rocky McElveen, you will drink in the grandeur of the mountains and learn the lessons that the forests, rivers, and wildlife have to teach—insights into the Scriptures, the character of God, and your own soul.

The Wonder of a Tree: Take a breathtaking tour of the woodlands with host and narrator Mart DeHaan in this 4-part Day of Discovery presentation. You’ll visit fascinating locations in the United States, England, and Lebanon. In addition, you’ll hear from Bible, botany, and ecology scholars. Gain insights to broaden your understanding of how trees function and influence your life. Discover how you can develop a “creation care” attitude and become a good steward of God’s awesome handiwork. Celebrate the wonder of a tree, and discover what these woody giants reveal to us about their great Designer and Creator. For, as Joyce Kilmer observed, “Only God can make a tree.”

  • Lesson One: Seeds
  • Lesson Two: Dirt
  • Lesson Three: Fruit
  • Lesson Four: Their Design
  • Lesson Five: The Forest
  • Lesson Six: A Living Trust
  • Lesson Seven: Trees of the Bible
  • Lesson Eight: Soil Part One
  • Lesson Nine: Soil Part Two
  • Lesson Ten: Wilderness Part One
  • Lesson Eleven: Wilderness Part Two

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