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Science Experiments with Jason Lindsey

Length: More than 100 video experiments
Includes:  Short videos
Age/Grade: Elementary

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How to Use This Course

These fun experiments are perfect to add into your homeschool day! These experiments teach various scientific principles, and most can be completed with basic household items. Parents can choose from more than 100 experiments that go along with many science topics!


Creative and engaging videos and step-by-step instructions; safety is stressed.

Course Introduction

Hello! This is Jason Lindsey—aka “Mr. Science”—with Hooked on Science. Are you looking for a way to get your kids excited about science? If so, each week, I will show you how you can use a few items from around the house to not only get your kids excited about science, but also to teach basic science concepts.

My wife and I homeschool our four kids and can tell you these experiments have helped spark a love for science. The goal of these hands-on lessons is to inspire kids to be inquisitive about the world around them and to develop a long-term interest in science.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at Connect with Hooked on Science–WebChannel, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest, and on You Tube.

(Note: Parents should always go to these sites with your children, and monitor your children if they are on sites like YouTube or Facebook.)

Magnets and Magnetic Fields

  • Magnetic Money
  • Magnetic Slime
  • Mystery Pipe

Matter and States of Matter

  • Skewer a Balloon
  • Peep Dough
  • Snow Ice Cream
  • Instant Hand Warmer
  • Orange Flash
  • Metamucil Slime
  • See-Through Soda (Density)
  • Gassy Soap
  • Exploding Sandwich Bag
  • Homemade Ice Cream
  • Soda Can Shakeup
  • Bowling Ball Surprise (Density)
  • Chemical Reaction Eggs
  • Leprechaun Snot
  • Baby Diaper Science
  • Expanding and Shrinking Peeps
  • Popping Cranberries Experiment
  • Glow Slime
  • Pop a Balloon with an Orange
  • Fire Chips
  • Elephant’s Toothpaste
  • Salty Cooler
  • Carbon Dioxide Seesaw
  • Milk Bubbles
  • Teflon Tape Secret Message
  • Bleeding Paper
  • Snow Dough
  • Valentine’s Day Candy Drop
  • Levitating Bubbles
  • Salty Egg
  • Swimming Orange
  • Confetti Bottle

Relationship of Force, Motion, and Mass

  • Feather Balance
  • Newton’s Tablecloth Trick (Inertia)
  • Racquetball Popper Experiment
  • Turkey Baster Ping Pong Ball Launcher
  • Double Ball Drop Challenge
  • Hairdryer Science Experiment
  • Thanksgiving Egg Drop Experiment
  • Inseparable Books
  • Inertia Antenna
  • Jumping Cup
  • Egg Spinning
  • Soda Can Pedestal
  • Kentucky Derby Balloon Race
  • Pool Noodle Marble Run
  • Swimmer’s Secret
  • Can Your Big Toe Determine Your Athletic Potential?
  • Give Me a Holler
  • Block Balance

Rocks—Changes and the Rock Cycle

  • Egg Geode

Light, Light Waves, and Optical Illusions

  • CD Rainbow
  • Disappearing Money
  • Wacky Bananas
  • Hair Gel Color Mixing
  • Microwave Light Bulb
  • The Reversing Arrow
  • Paper Plate Optical Illusion Experiment
  • Pop a Balloon Inside a Balloon
  • Nail Polish Rainbow
  • Powerful Bleach
  • Capture Your Shadow
  • Glue Stick Sunset
  • American Flag Shadow

Sound and Sound Waves

  • Paper Speaker
  • Sound of Gas
  • Singing Rod
  • Sound Blaster
  • Han Solo’s Sound Blaster


  • Rocket Balls
  • Penny Powered Calculator
  • Popping Christmas Ornament
  • Unbreakable Light Bulb
  • Energy Racer
  • Pizza Box Solar Oven
  • Toilet Paper Tube Light Bulb
  • Tea Bag Rocket
  • Electric Play Dough
  • Notebook Spring Launcher
  • Craft Stick Chain Reaction
  • Straw Worm
  • Fireproof Balloon Experiment
  • Rubber Band Watermelon
  • Pop a Balloon Inside a Balloon
  • Toaster Hot Air Balloon
  • Ice Tray Battery

Engineering Design

  • Battery Bounce
  • Toothbrush Robot
  • PVC Pipe Engineers
  • Engineer a Scribblebot
  • Cranberry Structure


  • Toilet Plunger Power
  • Pinecone Hygrometer
  • Balloon in a Bottle
  • Muscle Card
  • Flying Styrofoam Peanuts
  • Cloud in a Bottle
  • Why Does the Wind Blow?
  • How the Wind from a Hurricane Damages Roofs

Life Cycle of Living Things

  • Garden in a Bag
  • Daffodil Secret

Acids and Bases

  • Color Changing Strawberry Jam
  • Love Potion Flower
  • Pop a Balloon with an Orange

Surface Tension of Water

  • The Floating Mystery
  • Super Bubbles


  • Sticky Rice
  • Water Bottle Egg Experiment


  • Shrinking Chip Bag Experiment
  • Saltwater Rust Experiment
  • How Does Salt Melt Ice Experiment
  • Unlock Your Vehicle with Your Brain
  • Walking Water
  • Floating Garden
  • Disappearing Color Wheel
  • Color Changing Flowers
  • Single Eye Catch
  • Hard Boiled Earth
  • Fruity Eclipse
  • Static Electricity Ornament

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