Charlotte Mason Homeschooling -

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Length: 16 weekly lessons
Includes: Explanation of various aspects of the Charlotte Mason method
Age/Grade: Parents
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How to Use This Course

This 16-week class by Cindy West for is designed to help parents interested in learning how to implement aspects of the Charlotte Mason method into their homeschooling. Practical tips and even homework for parents is given!

Course Introduction

“Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.”

Would you like to teach your children in ways that encourage curiosity and enthusiasm, while at the same time expecting excellence in many areas—even more areas than most curricula expect? Charlotte Mason’s philosophies and principles are still fresh today and can help homeschoolers who use them to raise bright, resourceful children. In this 16-week, practical, easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement course, you’ll get all the basics for adding Charlotte Mason’s methods to your homeschool.

  • Week 1: Why Implement the Charlotte Mason Style?
  • Week 2: Living Literature as Education
  • Week 3: Short Lessons
  • Week 4: Narration
  • Week 5: Copywork and Dictation
  • Week 6: Poetry and Shakespeare
  • Week 7: “Living” Math
  • Week 8: Artist Study
  • Week 9: Composer and Hymn Study
  • Week 10: Nature Study
  • Week 11: Handicrafts and Life Skills
  • Week 12: Foreign Language
  • Week 13: A Love for the Word of God
  • Week 14: Habit Training
  • Week 15: A Typical Daily Schedule
  • Week 16: Fantastic Charlotte Mason Resources

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