Stepping Up with Second Grade Math -

Stepping Up with Second Grade Math

Length: 32 Weeks
Includes: Slide shows and Assignments
Age/Grade: Elementary
Print a Certificate of Completion

How to Use This Course

This full-year course builds on math knowledge previously learned to help second graders learn additional key math skills including skip counting, place value, regrouping, story problems, multiplication, division, geometric vocabulary, and much more.

Course Introduction

These downloadable slide shows provide fun and engaging instruction, accompanied by downloadable assignments and periodic reviews and tests. Unit tests are also included, as well as answer keys for parents.

Downloadable slideshows and printable assignments.

  • Lesson One: Counting and Number Recognition: 1 – 1,000
  • Lesson Two: Using a Number Line
  • Lesson Three: Before, After, Between
  • Lesson Four: < > =
  • Lesson Five: Skip Counting
  • Lesson Six: Skip Counting Backward
  • Lesson Seven: Even or Odd
  • Lesson Eight:  Ordinal Numbers
  • Lesson Nine: Bundling Numbers
  • Lesson Ten: Place Value
  • Lesson Eleven: Number Words
  • Lesson Twelve: Rounding: Rounding to 10’s and 100’s
  • Lesson Thirteen: Column Addition
  • Lesson Fourteen: 4-Digit Addition
  • Lesson Fifteen: Subtraction with Regrouping
  • Lesson Sixteen: Story Problems with Subtraction
  • Lesson Seventeen: Write an Equation Using a Symbol
  • Lesson Eighteen: Repeated Addition
  • Lesson Nineteen: Multiplication Facts for 5 and 10
  • Lesson Twenty: Multiplication Facts – 2s
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Multiplication Facts for 1 and 0
  • Lesson Twenty-Two: Division
  • Lesson Twenty-Three: Dividing by 2
  • Lesson Twenty-Four: Dividing by 5
  • Lesson Twenty-Five: Dividing by 10
  • Lesson Twenty-Six: Dividing by 0 and 1
  • Lesson Twenty-Seven: Fractions with 1 on Top
  • Lesson Twenty-Eight: Fractions with Common Denominators
  • Lesson Twenty-Nine: Count Coins and Bills
  • Lesson Thirty: Combine Coins and Bills
  • Lesson Thirty-One: Make Change
  • Lesson Thirty-Two: Word Problems with Money
  • Lesson Thirty-Three: Geometry Words
  • Lesson Thirty-Four: Plane Figures
  • Lesson Thirty-Five: Area and Perimeter
  • Lesson Thirty-Six: Geometry Words
  • Lesson Thirty-Seven: Lines
  • Lesson Thirty-Eight: Measuring Tools: Ruler, Scale, Thermometer
  • Lesson Thirty-Nine: Measuring Tools: Cup and Liter
  • Lesson Forty: Length: Inch, Foot, Yard, Centimeter, Meter
  • Lesson Forty-One: Extra Practice Measuring Length
  • Lesson Forty-Two: Weight: Ounce, Pound, Gram, Kilogram
  • Lesson Forty-Three: Extra Practice Measuring Weight
  • Lesson Forty-Four: Capacity: Cup, Pint, Quart, Gallon, Liter
  • Lesson Forty-Five: Extra Practice Measuring Capacity
  • Lesson Forty-Six: Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Lesson Forty-Seven: Extra Practice Measuring Temperature
  • Lesson Forty-Eight: Estimate Length
  • Lesson Forty-Nine: Estimate Weight
  • Lesson Fifty: Estimate Capacity
  • Lesson Fifty-One: Telling Time – Minutes
  • Lesson Fifty-Two: AM and PM
  • Lesson Fifty-Three: Read a Picture Graph
  • Lesson Fifty-Four: Make a Picture Graph
  • Lesson Fifty-Five: Reading a Bar Graph
  • Lesson Fifty-Six: Make a Bar Graph
  • Lesson Fifty-Seven: Read a Line Graph
  • Lesson Fifty-Eight: Create a Line Graph
  • Lesson Fifty-Nine: Extra Practice with Graphs
  • Lesson Sixty: Patterns
  • Lesson Sixty-One: Extra Pattern Practice
  • Lesson Sixty-Two: Roman Numerals
  • Lesson Sixty-Three: Zero Property of Addition
  • Lesson Sixty-Four: Order Property of Addition
  • Lesson Sixty-Five: Grouping Property of Addition
  • Lesson Sixty-Six: Choose the Correct Property of Addition

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