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Length: 18 Weeks
Includes: Lessons and Assignments
Age/Grade: High School
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How to Use This Course

Statistics as taught by Kathy Lapan, a former middle school math teacher who currently homeschools two children, is presented to help students understand the statistics they are faced with in everyday life and how to reliably interpret them. After successfully completing this course, including all lessons, assignments, and the final lab, this course is worth one-half high school credit in math. As always, please check your own state’s academic requirements. The course is best studied by following the lessons sequentially, beginning with Unit One, Introduction to Statistics. Worksheets are provided and certain answer keys are available.

Course Introduction

Statistics are used in every field, from the census, to lottery, to investments, to science, to computing, to television. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a field in which statistics are not used. Understanding how statistics are determined will help you gauge the reliability of information presented to you. Statisticians use a sample that represents the entire group. This is because it is usually not realistic or possible to study an entire group. Where we see the use of sample groups most often are exit polls during presidential elections, television ratings, and sales figures.

Length: 18 weekly lessons
Includes: Printable weekly lessons and assignments
Age/Grade: High school

Week 1:  Understanding Statistics
Week 2:  Basic Formulae & Population vs Sample
Week 3:  Review and Beginning Probability
Week 4:  Practicing Probability
Week 5:  Chance and Predictions
Week 6:  Interpreting Graphs
Week 7:  Utilizing Graphs
Week 8:  Types of Graphs, Distribution & Outliers
Week 9:  Histograms
Week 10: Introduction to Standard Deviation and Computations
Week 11:  Standard Deviation
Week 12:  Normal Distribution
Week 13:  Slope
Week 14:  Demographics, Sample & Sample Size
Week 15:  Review of Statistics
Week 16:  Review of Probability
Week 17:  Statistics Review
Week 18:  Final Project and Assessment

Upon successful completion of all the lessons and assignments (with the final lab), this course is worth one half high school credit in the field of math. You may wish to have your student also do our one-semester trigonometry course that is also worth one-half credit to complete the year of high school math.

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