Our Beginnings

To trace the history of SchoolhouseTeachers.com, we need to go back to the beginning when Gena Suarez sold used homeschool curriculum through her eBay store. Those who purchased from Gena became repeat buyers; some lived as far away as China, Australia, and Russia. These families began to ask Gena questions about homeschooling, assuming she had the answers since she was selling the curriculum. She responded as best she could and finally decided to create a newsletter, in 2001, called “The Old Schoolhouse” so all who asked would have the answers they needed. The first newsletter was sent as an email. The next three issues were hardcopies but were very thin, the first version being only twelve pages. As the newsletter gained popularity, it grew and eventually went color. Advertisers found out about the newsletter at the beginning and jumped on board, support group leaders promoted it on a national level, and copies were sent to homeschool conventions where they were distributed to participants. As The Old Schoolhouse grew, it became apparent Gena would need help, so her husband, Paul, quit his job and started working with her full time. They then began to hire independent contractors and employees such as designers, writers, editors, advertising salespeople, marketing managers, attorneys and bookkeepers.

Once the print magazine had also become accessible online and via its user apps in digital format, The Old Schoolhouse® Company determined there was a secondary way to reach homeschoolers, an idea resulting in SchoolhouseTeachers.com, a collaborative effort among the magazine company’s producers and designers. The membership curriculum platform which began in 2012 has grown over the past decade into a full-fledged PreK-12 curriculum that supports thousands of families, worldwide, who are a part of the SchoolhouseTeachers.com membership community.

Our Faith, Desire & Vision

Our Faith: SchoolhouseTeachers.com is the curriculum site of The Old Schoolhouse®. We believe Jesus Christ, the Word is God, God the Father is God. The Holy Spirit is God. There are no gods but one God. As a curriculum site, our lessons will not violate any of our beliefs and principles; however, our teachers may have varying personal beliefs within those outlined below. In addition, the opinions shared by teachers and individuals writing for SchoolhouseTeachers.com that fall outside the scope of this statement of faith are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine or its staff.

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Our Desire: Just like parenting, homeschooling has good days and hard days, successes and setbacks. Our desire at SchoolhouseTeachers.com is to provide excellent homeschooling materials grounded in a Christian worldview that will help you succeed. We want to hold up your hands and help steady you in the battles you face (Exodus 17:10-13). We want to equip you with tools to help you train your children in God’s Word and enable them to succeed academically and in every way, and we want to do this in a way that is affordable for as many families as possible. We have numerous discounts available, as well as occasional scholarships and various ways you can volunteer in exchange for your family’s membership. We have a special desire to empower and equip those working in foreign missions, and if you are serving in missions and would like to talk to us about using our site in your family or in your work, please contact us at CustomerService@theoldschoolhouse.com.

Our Vision: Our vision is to create a place where homeschoolers can find the tools they need to excel in their homeschool and with their families. Whether you are looking for the academic content found on SchoolhouseTeachers.com or the encouragement and practical advice found in The Old Schoolhouse,© Magazine, we hope you find a community of caring, helpful, supportive individuals who have a heart for God and for serving each other as we all take this journey one step at a time.

Our Staff

Between The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and SchoolhouseTeachers.com, there are more than 400 people who serve in various capacities to bring high-quality curriculum to the homeschool community. We have writers, editors, marketing staff, administrative assistants, directors, a sales team, customer service representatives, research assistants, developers, graphic designers, product reviewers, and more.

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Our Lesson Designers

SchoolhouseTeachers.com wouldn’t exist without our lesson designers. We have been blessed by every person who has partnered with us in this endeavor to provide high-quality education in all subject areas for those who have answered the call to homeschool. There are professors, recording artists, homeschool parents, foreign language specialists, computer science engineers, scientists, homesteading experts, and more.

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Our Community

We are in this together! Sharing with each other, lifting each other up, and encouraging fellow mamas make each of us enjoy our day-to-day routines even more. Please join our Facebook page for SchoolhouseTeachers.com or for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine where members are encouraged to ask questions and support each other along in their journeys to rewarding, enjoyable homeschooling.

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