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  • Updates for several courses
  • New courses and resources
  • Members-only virtual academic fairs and events

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June 1, 2022

The first semester of Basic Conversational Korean is now available! This course guides students through learning the Korean alphabet, as well as phonics, handwriting, vocabulary, grammar, conversational skill, and historical cultural facts.

Have you checked out Loving Literature through Chapter Books yet? Eight book-length unit studies are now available to provide your family with the opportunity to read and explore quality chapter books. More are on the way!

Washington state is the latest unit added to Everyday Explorers: USA.

Modern History for Elementary has been completely updated! Thirty-six weeks of history lessons include readings, puzzles, and activities that explore history from the founding of the United States through World War II. Students in fourth and fifth grades will also learn about global events such as British colonization, Russian history, and the history of Israel.

PLUS, The Old Schoolhouse® is offering these additions to your exclusive Member Bonuses:

The 2022-2023 Schoolhouse SmartMama™ Planner is now available for download. You receive yours FREE as a member using the coupon code provided in your Member Dashboard.

The Old Schoolhouse® has partnered with College Options Foundation to provide their Total College Success® subscription FREE to members. Register for your free access using the link and access key provided in your Member Dashboard.


May 1, 2022

Brand new course for second through sixth grades! The staff of The Old Schoolhouse® have chosen their favorite books to share with you in our Loving Literature through Chapter Books course. Each book-length unit study provides your family with the opportunity to read and explore a different chapter book. Three book studies are available now, and more are on the way.

Michigan and Oklahoma units were recently added to Everyday Explorers: USA. Coloring pages are also being added to more of the existing units.

How to Do Research has been completely updated! Using World Book Online, students explore the research process from start to finish including finding reliable sources, organizing data, and avoiding plagiarism—all while creating a unique research project along the way.


April 1, 2022

Experiencing Weather has been completely refreshed by the lesson designer for 2022! An updated lesson plan is available from the course landing page.


March 10, 2022 is celebrating our tenth anniversary! Launched March 2, 2012, with eleven courses, we have grown to a full curriculum option for preschool through high school. Families can choose from over 400 courses, plus hundreds of additional resources, including curriculum guides that take the work out of planning your homeschool year. has something for everyone in the family!

We are excited to announce the completion of our new Geometry in Real Life course. All four quarters of its content are now live on

Ditch the Desk has been fully updated for 2022.

We also have new video tutorials on the site. Microscopes with Sheila (on the Science Unit Studies page) shows us how to select and use microscopes in our homeschools. Each of our School Box pages now has a link to a Curriculum Guide Tutorial to show you how to navigate this amazing resource.

2021 Year in Review

Your membership to grew in a number of ways, including these  courses:

  • Schoolhouse Spelling course for Grades K–12
  • Botany: Plant Science and Field Studies course
  • Exploring God's World with Third Grade Science course
  • All About the World unit studies for Grades 1–8
  • Latin II course
  • Geometry in Real Life course debuted its first semester, to be completed in 2022
  • Members-Only Virtual Activities and Events
  • Multiple courses received updated content, including Physical Science


July 19, 2021

Latin II is now available! Don't miss this great new course that takes students beyond Beginning Latin in verb conjugations, noun declensions, adjectives, and numbers. It is one of eleven foreign language courses available with an Ultimate Membership!


April 8, 2021

Congratulations to our Lesson Designer of the Year, Steve Rosenoff! Steve provides the seven Red Wagon science courses at

Honorable Mentions go out to Melissa BontadelliDavid Kimball, and Michele Peterson!

We are so blessed by the expertise and creativity all of our wonderful lesson designers bring to The comprehensive array of high-quality homeschool resources we offer is only possible through the generosity of each and every contributor the Lord has brought our way.

Please check out all the great courses provided by this year's award winners! 


2020 Year in Review

 Your membership to grew in a number of ways including:

  • 13 School Boxes containing all the content needed for teaching every grade level from kindergarten through high school
  • 124 Curriculum Guides that correlate objectives with the Scope and Sequence for grades K-12
  • 17 new courses
  • New interactive content in two courses: American Folklore and Benjamin Franklin Writing Method
  • Redesigned digital planner: 2020-21 Schoolhouse SmartMama™ Planner
  • Fillable lesson plans added to several courses
  • Mentor Moms to help you navigate and new-to-homeschooling questions


December 11, 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of our French for All Ages course! The K-3rd version and Level 1 for grades 3-12 are now available. Additional levels and lesson plans are coming very soon. Check it out as you plan for next semester!


June 17, 2020

We launched a new middle school history course today: Expansion, Independence, and War.

We are so excited to share with you that curriculum guides and virtual homeschool curriculum boxes are now available for K-12, already included with your membership! If you want help planning your child's academic year, with everything organized and linked for you, as well as weekly and daily checklists, all correlated to our scope and sequence, then our curriculum guides and virtual homeschool curriculum boxes are just what you need. Look for them under "School Boxes" on the site's blue menu bar. Then, just open and go!


May 27, 2020

Interactive content is now part of the Benjamin Franklin Writing Method course! Lessons are broken down into manageable chunks that include links to additional content. Each day's assignments are clearly explained, with everything your teen needs for independent learning.


April 3, 2020

EIGHT new courses have launched for you today! Now you have 475 courses to choose from to meet the needs of every family member. Find them on the All Courses page: How to Write a Resume, Red Wagon General Science for Middle School, Red Wagon Physical Science for Middle School, Red Wagon Biology for High School, Red Wagon Chemistry for High School, Red Wagon Physics for High School, Red Wagon Human Body for High School, and Red Wagon Marine Biology for High School.


March 4, 2020

We have SEVEN new courses for you today! Check out Drawing in Pen and Ink, The Warrior Class: College Prep Apologetics, In-Depth Modern History for High School, Analyzing Science Fiction Literature from a Christian Worldview, Weekly Writing Challenge, Free Men and Free Markets: Government and Economics, and Seven Principles of Liberty: Government from a Christian Perspective, all on the All Courses page! We have also added Silly School Songs to our Unit Studies and More section.


2019 Year in Review

Your membership to grew in a number of ways including:

  • became a FULL PreK–12th grade curriculum
  • 36 new courses
  • Over 50+ new lesson plans
  • New interactive content in seven courses: American Government, Drive Thru History: American History, Trek to the Holy Land, Geology, Drive Thru History: Ancient History, Bible Stories for Kids, and Wonders of the World
  • New eBooks added to the World Book Online eBook Library
  • Resources added to our Unit Studies and More section, including 16 eBook resources from World Book, Make Your Own Blanket in One Day, and Creation and Evolution Thoughts to Ponder, resources in Bible, Science, Language Arts, and Silly School Songs.
  • hosted our first “live” class with Patrick Nurre, our Dinosaurs and the Bible teacher and our geology teacher.


2018 Year in Review

Your membership to grew in a number of ways including:

  • 68 new courses
  • Hundreds of new lesson plans
  • New interactive content in four courses: Dinosaurs and the Bible, American History for Beginners, Elementary Art, and Biology
  • 26 new videos added to existing courses
  • New eBooks added to the World Book Online eBook Library
  • New Community Forum,
  • Complete PreK–12th grade science program and music program
  • Complete kindergarten curriculum


2017 Year in Review

Your membership to grew in a number of ways including:

  • 48 new courses
  • 9 enormous libraries of World Book content
  • 4 new learning centers (career, Charlotte Mason, hands-on, and seasonal)
  • Holiday resource page with 500+ lessons and activities
  • Hundreds of new resources added to the Literacy Center
  • Completely updated This Month's Menu PLUS a new vegan and gluten-free recipe section
  • Converted the Daily Writing class into a library of writing prompts
  • Completely redesigned This Day in History and relaunched with tons of new content
  • Four summer contests
  • New schedule builder tool
  • New parent eBook library with more than 50 eBooks
  • Spring Schoolhouse Expo
  • A completely new site design with new navigation features

2016 Year in Review

Your membership to grew in a number of ways including:

  • 123 new courses
  • New Video Library
  • Access to the World Book eBook Library
  • Preschool Playground, featuring a complete preschool curriculum
  • Literacy Center to help you teach your child to read in 101 simple steps
  • New Scope and Sequence tool to help you know what to teach when
  • New Tutorials section
  • New Focused Learning Centers for Summer Fun, Fall & Thanksgiving, and Easter (with lessons and videos)


2015 Year in Review

Your membership to grew in a number of ways including:

  • 78 new courses
  • New Video Library
  • Access to the World Book eBook Library
  • New Focused Learning Center resources including ESL and Foreign Language, High School and College Help, Math, Reading, Science, and Special Needs
  • New Christmas Corner with lessons and videos


2014 Year in Review

Your membership to grew in a number of ways including:

  • 29 new courses
  • Spring Cleaning of House & Home resource


2013 Year in Review

Your membership to grew in a number of ways including:

  • 35 new courses
  • AppleCore Recordkeeping system
  • Library of printable achievement certificates
  • 12 Days of Christmas Cheer & Encouragement
  • Preschoolers, Preparation, and Peace Schoolhouse Expo
  • 5-day Week of Encouragement Expo


2012 Year in Review debuted on March 2, 2012, with 11 courses and grew to offer 50 courses by the end of the year. We added course checklists at the end of the year to make it easier to keep up with the growing site.

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