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Creative Writing

Length:  24 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 6th – 9th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Creative Writing on is a writing class designed to help your student learn modern fiction writing techniques and move their work toward publication. At the end of each section of the course, whether it is character development, scene development, etc., the student will have an opportunity to edit their writing. The lessons are best followed in sequential order as they build on one another. This course is worth one-quarter credit. If the student puts forth greater effort, such as reading some of the suggested resources or writing more than the required number of pages, feel free to adjust the credit. For example, if the number of writing assignments and completions were doubled, one-half credit could be given. It is best to keep track of the time invested on the assignments each week for your student’s transcript. As always, please be informed of your own state’s academic requirements.

Course Introduction

So, you have a reluctant writer. Or you don’t know the first thing about creative writing. Or you don’t see the importance of fiction but have a child who loves it.

That’s okay! That’s why God put us together—so I could take the pressure off you in this area and provide guidance that gets many kids interested in writing. No, not all, as my two highly reluctant writers will tell you. But why not give this a try and see what develops? You might be surprised.

Each month, I will cover one of the topics listed in the Course Outline. While not completely dependent, they will build upon each other. So regardless of when you start, I recommend beginning with the first lesson and working your way through in chronological sequence.

Above all, parents and teachers, please keep these things in minds:

1)    This is not a grammar course. I will teach your kids that it is important to know the rules of grammar—but, in fiction, it is okay to occasionally break those rules.

2)    This is not a punctuation or spelling course. In fact, I will teach your kids that drafts are drafts for a reason. Spelling can be fixed later, as can grammar and punctuation. Abbreviations and shorthand are acceptable. Neatness is optional. The only requirement you should insist on is that they be able to read the document themselves.

3)    I am available to you to answer questions. If something doesn’t make sense or your student is struggling to find the right edit, let me know! I’ll be glad to help where I can.

And that’s it! I look forward to walking through this creative writing journey with you.

Includes: printable lessons that focus on modern fiction writing techniques.

Unit One: Why Write Fiction?
Unit Two: Character Development
Unit Three: Scene Development
Unit Four: Writing Dialogue
Unit Five: Fiction Guidelines
Unit Six: Getting Published

Each month’s lessons are designed to take the average student—one who is semi-interested in writing—approximately four to five hours to complete. Given this estimate, the full course, as presented here at, would be worth one-quarter credit.

If your student puts forth greater effort (e.g., reads some of the suggested resources or writes more than the required number of pages), please feel free to adjust the credits accordingly. For instance, if the number of writing assignments and completions were doubled, one-half credit could be given.

It’s a wise idea to keep track of the time invested on the assignments each week for your student’s transcript.

— Carrie Daws

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