Creative Storytelling -

Creative Storytelling

Length:  15 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 4th – 6th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Do you have a child who loves to write? How about a reluctant writer? Creative Storytelling incorporates activities to engage them both. The course begins with a look at what creative writing is and then moves into character development, plot development, setting, and more. Students will have the foundation for a book or story in place when they complete the class.

Course Introduction

Each weekly Creative Storytelling lesson is broken into two separate lessons. Each lesson continues building on a concept being explored and gives the student time to write imaginatively on a wide variety of topics and in a broad assortment of styles. From completing detailed character charts to writing their autobiography, writing a short story, or drafting a letter for a great grandchild, these writing lessons are wonderful ways to engage even the most reluctant writers.

  • Lesson One: What is Creative Writing?
  • Lesson Two: Techniques
  • Lesson Three: Details on Character Sketch
  • Lesson Four: More Details on Your Character
  • Lesson Five: More Details on Your Character
  • Lesson Six: Character’s Interaction with Others
  • Lesson Seven: Character Sketch Wrap Up
  • Lesson Eight: Beginning of a Plot
  • Lesson Nine: Creation of a Complex Plot
  • Lesson Ten: Two Common Plot Structures
  • Lesson Eleven: Identifying Plot Structure in Your Life Events
  • Lesson Twelve: Using a “W” Plot Structure in Your Life Events
  • Lesson Thirteen: Settings
  • Lesson Fourteen: Writing Exercise
  • Lesson Fifteen: Eight-Point Story Arc and Writing Your Story

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