Beginning Listening and Speaking Skills -

Beginning Listening and Speaking Skills

Length:  6 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: Kindergarten – 1st Grade
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How to Use This Course

Teaching beginning communication skills with early learners provides a firm foundation that will help them throughout their lives! Basic speaking and listening skills can also boost self-confidence in many daily routine settings and activities. This course helps you build your child’s listening and speaking skills through thirty simple activities.

Course Introduction

Consistency is key in building basic listening and speaking skills. You can use these activities in conjunction with your language arts instruction. Intentionally and repeatedly using phrases such as “Be a listener” and “Use your words” during your regular daily activities helps to reinforce good habits. You can also ask questions regularly. Think about the five “W questions”: Who, What, Where, When, Why. Asking these helps encourage your child to formulate complete thoughts. Eventually, you will begin to notice that their descriptions improve because they are already incorporating the answers to these questions. Modeling appropriate speaking and listening behavior will also help your child see this skill being used daily. That is the best instruction you can provide!

This course uses thirty activities to achieve the following objectives:

  • Listen to, restate, and follow two- and three-step oral directions
  • Read aloud to others
  • Creatively reenact stories
  • Memorize and recite short poems, rhymes, and scriptures
  • Listen for enjoyment to many kinds of stories, poems, nursery rhymes, folk tales, etc.
  • Listen to stories for comprehension, interpreting, and answering questions about what the student has heard
  • Dictating words, phrases, and sentences for someone to write down
  • Describe an experience or share an idea

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