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Writing: Advertising Copy

Length:  3 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 7th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

This short three-week course helps students incorporate the methods used in advertising in their own writing and helps them identify those methods when they see them in advertising they read. This course touches on some of the emotions that advertising appeals to and how understanding the way that is done can help your student in their own writing. Every writer can benefit and improve their communication skills by learning how to use the tools employed in writing advertising, even if the writer is not trying to sell a product.

Course Introduction

Welcome to a three-lesson writing course! It’s quick, but it’s full of valuable information.

We can’t escape advertising. It’s everywhere: billboards, blogs, shopping carts, store flyers, websites, bus stop benches, and online games. Even the sky is not immune to advertising. Have you ever seen skywriting or a banner trailing a plane?

Studying advertising methods is important for two reasons. First, students learn how to use those methods in their own writing. Second, they become more discerning when they can identify those methods are being used on them. (Translation: so they won’t be snookered!)

Advertising is an appeal to the emotions—fear, hunger, pride, peace of mind, the need for acceptance, the excitement of speed, and so on. For example, car companies that used to rely on mileage statistics or beautiful women to sell their products are now creating stories. Their commercials look like slick movie trailers, and viewers are sucked into the excitement and danger before they realize it’s a car commercial. Too late. They’re hooked. They’ve already reacted positively to the excitement and the element of danger.

These three lessons in advertising will equip your students with tools every writer should know how to use.

Ready? Have a great writing week!

Sharon Watson


Lesson 1: Anthropomorphism
Lesson 2: Compare and Contrast
Lesson 3: Adjectives, Adverbs, and Advertising Strategies

Download a printable course outline here.

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