iST Courses

“iST” stands for “” The word interactive implies direct engagement and input from the user. provides an interactive, online experience for members. Courses that have been made interactive still provide the same amazing content found in courses but in a new, dynamic format. With lessons, students read the content, observe captivating images, watch videos, complete learning activities, and work through the course all within the website. Exercises range from basic multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank type questions to memory games and other picture activities that provide immediate feedback. provides an environment where children can thrive as active learners.

Image sliders, drag and drop, hotspots, and exportable text are just a few of the dynamic activity types included in iST courses. Learn how to complete each common type of interactive exercise by viewing this video: Interactive Activities Video. The same information is available in print version within the iST User Handbook: User Handbook. The following brief video explains logging in, enrolling in iST courses, and viewing your student’s iST gradebook: Teacher Video/Student Video.