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We have separated the resources for you by Library, and by Grade and Subjects. World Book is separated into Libraries, and the ten Libraries we have access to are listed on the World Book Resources by Libraries page. We have also separated all of the resources into grades and subjects. Those can be accessed on the World Book Resources by Grade and Subjects page. provides a subscription to numerous World Book libraries free of charge to our members. To get started, please log in and review the following instructions. Once you have logged in for the day, you will most likely NOT need to log in again for each resource.

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  • Several of the World Book libraries offer ways to personalize your material with an individual log in. The log in will ONLY work after you sign in through The additional personal log in is completely optional. If you don't want to set one up, you do NOT need to. If you're interested in setting up places for students to store research, create unique timelines, bookmark resources, and more, you'll find instructions below. Once you have set up an account in one library, the same account should be able to be used in all the libraries that offer individual log in options.
  • The libraries that support individual log ins are: eBooks, Timelines, Student, Advanced, Discover, Science Power, and Social Studies Power.
  • If you'd like instructions on how to set up an account and the advantages of doing so, click here.
  • It is very important to us at to provide you with content you can trust. Please note that we have NO control over World Book content. These resources must be treated like a public library; some of the content is appropriate and others include content that may be opposed to your worldview. One topic that is referenced in many places throughout the World Book resources is the theory of evolution. If you are not sure what the evidences for a Christian creationist young earth worldview are or are unsure how to explain them to your children, we encourage you to check out  Dinosaurs and the Bible, Apologetics: Creation vs. Evolution, Creation Apologetics, and Creation Worldview or any number of the free articles and resources available on

If you encounter any questions or problems, please contact us at and not World Book directly. World Book services thousands of customers with hundreds of different products, and we'll be able to either give you an answer immediately or address it to the right department within World Book. Thank you!