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Courses Taught by World Book Online:

A World of Animals: From hamsters to hammerheads, this class takes elementary students on an engaging adventure through the world of animals. They’ll how these animals are classified, what they like to eat, whether or not they are endangered, and how to care for the animals that are possible pets.

All About Animals From jaguars to butterflies, introduce your children to a wide array of God’s creatures, where they live, what they eat, and what sets them apart from other animals. This class includes colorful text, puzzle pages, fun facts, activities, and more.

Around the World with Stories is a fun way to introduce preschoolers to opposites, taste, smell, texture, shapes, numbers, and more while taking them on a quick trip around the world with stops in Australia, India, Southwest Asia, China, Africa, Canada, Italy, and Mexico.

Ayo’s Awesome Adventures Around the World for Kids: Ayo is an aardvark, an African mammal that eats ants and termites, and in this series of fun eBooks, he is also a tour guide traveling the world. He will introduce your children to the history and culture of Beijing, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cape Town, South Africa; Chicago, United States; London, England; New York City, United States; Rabat, Morocco; St. Petersburg, Russia; Sydney, Australia; and Vancouver, Canada.

Discovering Disgusting Creatures: Ugh, Yuck, and Whoa! This is the perfect course for any child who loves bugs and snakes and things that are slimy. It’s also a perfect course for any student who desires to see God’s handiwork and creativity. The eight different sets of worksheets and World Book Online eBooks include disgusting creatures that are ugly, gross, rude, and strange. Students will also learn about animals’ defense mechanisms and ability to use camouflage.

God’s Beautiful Creatures: Introduce your young learners to 120 of God’s most beautiful and amazing creatures! God’s Beautiful Creatures is a collection of the Hello, Beautiful! eBooks. Each book pairs beautiful colorful photographs with simple text that teaches about each animal. A photo index at the back of each book includes information about where the animal lives, what it eats, etc. Additional enrichment activities and links to maps of the countries where the animal lives are also provided.

History of Air Travel: These units introduce students to the history of man’s attempts to fly. From da Vinci’s sketches to exploring space, students will meet the brave men and women who piloted balloons, gliders, airships, fighter planes, jets, rockets, and more.

How to Do Research guides students through learning the importance of research skills, planning their research, conducting their research, evaluating their sources, compiling and organizing their data, presenting their information, and reviewing their work. Topics such as plagiarism, keywords, using both paper and electronic sources, primary and secondary resources, and more are also explored.

Introduction to Life Science: Don’t let the graphic nonfiction presentation style (comic book style) fool you! This course is packed full of information, illustrations that help clarify the concepts and facts, detailed diagrams, glossaries, and more.

Introduction to Physical Science: Whimsical characters introduce serious science in a fun way! Explore electricity, force and motion, heat, light, magnetism, matter and how it changes, properties of matter, sound, and more with engaging units and hands-on activities.

Science Experiments with World Book is a fun way to get hands-on experience with science. Each science experiment includes the steps and instructions needed to complete it. Selected experiments also include video.