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General FAQS

Let’s listen in as Maria* shares how she uses in her day.

Hello! My name is Maria and I have five children, ages 4 to 14. While my youngest is still in bed, I’ll check the checklist for the new month to see if there are any new classes I want to check out. I see Adam Andrews is going to do a Literature study on Macbeth this month. I will make a note to grab a copy when I stop at the library this afternoon. I promised my middle son “fun” science today. Let me take a look at Jason Lindsey’s science experiments. There, the tea bag rocket looks perfect. Before I dive into the day, I’d better print Dr. Glavach’s reading lesson for the month. He’s been sharing some great tips on how to help struggling readers, and I’m struggling with my seven-year-old. I’ll read it while the oldest is at piano.

Writing is usually the first class of the day. I’ll give my ten-year-old a writing prompt from Sharon Watson’s Daily Writing. My twelve-year-old is loving Carrie Daws’ Creative Writing, and my fourteen-year-old will work on analyzing this month’s writing selection from Janice Campbell. I’ll give the seven-year-old some Everyday Copywork to practice his handwriting skills while my youngest and I have some fun with Pre-K Read and Play.

I hear the little one getting up. If you’ll excuse me, I have to get some ground turkey out of the freezer. My oldest two are cooking supper tonight with what they learned in Sue Gregg’s Whole Foods Cooking class. Now if I can just remember what shelf I put that on . . .

*Maria is representative of an average user and is not a single actual user.

We offer special pricing for co-ops! Visit our Co-ops and Groups page for details.

Yes. Many of our classes are in-depth and can count for high school credit. Read more about this here.

No, additional textbook purchases are not required, however many of our lessons refer to books that are generally readily available through the library.

Depending on your family’s needs, you can use as the core of your curriculum or to fill in gaps in your current curriculum. We’re providing an extremely broad spectrum for you, and you’ll see our list of subjects grow month by month. That being said, we recognize two things: (1) many families are already using programs they enjoy and are benefiting greatly from, and (2) all families are different. So, here’s our short answer: For a number of families, yes! You’ll have plenty here to keep your day filled and to challenge your children in every way, in every subject you need. For others, it will fill the final gaps or provide the outline for much or most of your day, or supplement your curriculum in subjects you feel you just don’t have a good handle on. If there is a specific course you would like us to add, we’d love to hear from you! Please email Executive Editor Bonnie Rose Hudson at with your thoughts and suggestions.

You can view a complete list of our courses in our Quick Links directory.

All the teaching is done online, and it is all accessible around the clock. None of it is live, as we have customers signing in from around the world and that would cause quite a challenge for people in various time zones! The classes vary in format. Some teachers use almost all video; some use all printable materials. It is due largely to the nature of the course (a foreign language, for example, must have some video or audio) and the preference of the teacher.

Yes, welcomes your feedback. If you have a suggestion for the editorial team, please email Executive Editor Bonnie Rose Hudson at

Yes, you may cancel at any time. If you use Paypal, you may simply login to your Paypal account and cancel the subscription there.  If you use a credit card, please contact to cancel the payments for you.  You can also click the chat button in the bottom right of your screen to cancel with a chat representative.

(FYI: Current members are locked in at their current rate as long as they keep their membership.  We would hate for you to cancel it now and decide later to come back and have to pay more.)

A. Absolutely! You can join from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access and the ability to pay the monthly membership fees through PayPal. We want your ideas, too! You’ll find we have teachers on the site from the US, Canada, and Australia. In addition, our Dailies material explores countries around the world. Note: International memberships are subject to applicable legal restrictions in respective countries.

A. Yes, you can use on your Apple and Android devices or any other electronic tablet that allows Internet browsing. Your back issues of the magazine may also be viewed on an app. Download the Apple app here: or the Android app here:

A. Sometimes we run specials on back issues and sell them at a reduced price. Email for more information.

A. Most lessons are available indefinitely. Some lesson designers appear as guest lesson designers and have their material available for a limited time. That happens very rarely, but when it does, a note will be included on the main class page letting you know the length of time the material will be available, and it’s also listed on the Class Availability Page.

The digital back issues are available in the Resources for Members section.

A. We’d love to talk to you about contributing to the site! Please visit our Write for Us page and contact Bonnie Rose Hudson, Executive Editor of our site, at with questions.

A. You can contact the teacher through his or her email address if it has been provided, or you can email Executive Editor Bonnie Rose Hudson at Your question will be forwarded to the Teacher, and his or her response will be shared with you. We guarantee—Teachers love to hear from members!